Saturday, 19 June 2010

Opera at the park

Having Cookie with us takes a little bit of getting used to. When I came home from Botanic Gardens last night, I found him wandering around indoors. When questioned, the kids said, "But... so poor thing. All alone in the patio."

They let him in and it took me a while to lure him out again. He spent the night sleeping on the timber deck. Now he tries to sneak in whenever he sees an opportunity. Rusty, on the other hand, keeps asking to be let outside. Then he gets bored and tries to come in five minutes later. With the dogs going in and out, I have been moping the floor several times a day.

Cookie used to be such a fussy eater but the antibiotics must be making him hungry. He keeps sticking his nose into the rubbish bin in the kitchen, looking for food scraps. We never had that problem with Rusty simply because the bin is too tall for him.

Anyway, enough of dog stories. Let's talk about the Opera that we went to at Botanic Gardens last night. I brought Rusty along so that Cookie can have some quiet time at home. The truth is, I didn't want the boys calling me halfway through the performance telling me the dogs are not getting along or up to some mischief.

I like these casual performances in the park where we can sprawl out on the mat with plenty of food and drinks. It's really an event for everyone, even kids and dogs.

Last night, we were glad our friend Amy could come. She brought her friend Amy too. Here they are, enjoying the food and music.

We had plenty to eat. Beverly made her famous tuna focaccia sandwich. I brought chicken curry and boiled chickpeas. The guys brought beer and wine.

We surprised Christiane with a birthday cake. Earlier, Rusty had stepped on the cake box. Luckily it's not a cream cake. Here Christiane looks surprised. She must be wondering why we're giving her a flattened cake for her birthday!

But nobody can really get angry with Rusty. Just look at that innocent face!

It wasn't me!

I must say he's a pretty good dog. Kids of all ages kept coming up to cuddle him and he put up with every single one of them!


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

Rusty is the best! =P

Open Kitchen Concept said...

You are so photogenic Ting! :) And Rusty too!

JY69 said...

Rusty...always a "hit"!

WaterLearner said...

Rusty is always a star everywhere he goes.

Have a Good Week Ahead, Ting!!