Tuesday 2 October 2012

Out and about

Thank goodness the crazy period is now behind me. First I was sick, then I was really busy and now my life is slowly becoming routine again. That means I can run in the mornings, hike during the weekends and travel!

SK and I are flying to Kuching this afternoon. We enjoyed the hike so much during our trip in April this year (just realised I forgot to blog about it), we're heading back to trek and do more photography at Bako National Park and Mount Santubong.

We'll be staying at a heritage bungalow set amidst lush greenery in Kuching City, so I'm really excited. I will definitely blog about the trip when we return. Please remind me if I fail to do so!

Last weekend, I went trekking with the boys. We started at Rifle Range and ended up at Lornie Road. Here are some photos of the aspiring photographers.
SK was washing his boots in the stream.

YK trying to shoot a butterfly that was puddling.

Basking under the hot sun.

I love this trail that is flanked by golf course and reservoir.



Karmeleon said...

How long does it take for you to walk from Rifle Range (carpark, I presume?) to Lornie? Do you know the distance?

Malar said...
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Malar said...

What a lovely family outing!

Blur Ting said...

We took 2+ hours to walk. Not sure how many km though.

Karmeleon said...

Hmm... so cannot like walk there and back that means. I can't seem to find the info online, that's why I asked. ;D

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Such a healthy lifestyle!