Wednesday 19 June 2013

Just smile and wag

Mommy's so fed up of the haze, she has gone on strike which presents an opportunity for me to sneak up quietly and write. If she's not going to blog about me, I shall do it myself!

This morning, I heard a nice gentleman who held the gate open for mommy say, "Very handsome". He must be referring to me, surely he can't be calling mommy handsome right? I was so flattered that I held my head up high and forgot to smile at his dog.

I hope it was loud enough for the other 2 dogs nearby to hear. I can see them admiring me from the distance as I strut out the gate every morning but I'm too busy to care.

Come on, I have more urgent matters to attend to.

Besides, I have no lack of admirers. When I'm out, kids try to molest me, dogs check me out and sniff my backside, it's like dealing with the paparazzi!

Just smile and wag, boy, just smile and wag...

Morning walks used to be fun until the air started smelling smoky. Mommy's always in a hurry to get me home but she should know by now that I can't be rushed. I've mastered the art of ignoring her pleas. She can tap her feet or twiddle her thumb while I investigate every puddle along the way. It makes me feel like Alfred Hitchcock. I know who's been peeing around in the neighbourhood.

As if dealing with dogs is not enough, I have to put up with the annoying stray cats. They're everywhere and think they can bully me just because I am small. Just wait till I get off the leash!

Some cats have no manners, just like this little furry thing that brazenly strolled into our house like a diva. It didn't bother me at first until everyone started gushing and carrying her around like a gem. When I offered to cuddle her, I was sent into the bedroom to be locked up right away. My admiration for the cutie evaporated in a hiss. Pfft, don't you dare step into my territory again!
 You must understand that nobody gets cuddled in this house except me. Just so you know, people here stand in line to enjoy my undivided attention.

 Being a pet is not as easy as you think. I have to be at their beck and call. I have to be photogenic and put up with their nonsense.

They dare to complain about my stinky breath. What do you expect if you don't floss my teeth?

 And I'm supposed to look cute and perky at all times? I'm already pretty good looking for my age. Can you look this good at 60?

But really, age is really catching up. Can't go on any longer. I'm tired. It's time for a nap.


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Sooooooo cute!!

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oh so cute!

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So cute! Rusty is such a lucky dog!