Saturday 20 November 2010

Dinner at Fusionpolis

We were at Fusionpolis for dinner last night and it suddenly dawned on me that Singapore is progressing so fast that I can barely catch up. I haven't been to all the latest attractions - Singapore Flyer and casinos! Even though I drive by Bouna Vista almost everyday, I had no inkling Fusionpolis is such a happening place.

Sure, the ultra-modern complex houses research organisations, government agencies and hi-tech companies but what I didn't know was, Fusionpolis is home to restaurants, cafes, shops and a large grocery store (Marketplace) as well.

As you can see, my first visit was an eye-opening one. We were looking forward to Koryo's fish stew that Chris raved about but it wasn't on the menu last night. Apparently he got lucky when the it was served as a 'daily special' when he dined there.

Yesterday's daily special was stewed kimchi pork ribs which looked really enticing in the menu. Somehow the real thing didn't quite match up in the looks department. It didn't taste spectacular either.

Stewed pork.

The side dishes were too salty, we hardly ate any.



For the mains, we ordered comforting food like the seafood beancurd stew and chicken potato stew. These were great when eaten with rice.

The seafood pancake was beautifully fried with crabstick and prawns. It makes a perfect dish for sharing with friends.

Our friends, EY and Chris.

I must stop eating sweet potatoes. I'm turning yellow.


JY69 said...

It's fun to try out new places....with all these reviews, I'll know where and where not to go if I ever make it over to SQ!

The World According To Me said...

I love your food pictures! They look like something out of a good food magazine. And you both look so happy in the last picture!