Wednesday 8 December 2010

Off to WA

Yah, yah, I'm still around. We leave just after mid-night. It's a red-eye flight that I'm not particularly thrilled about but it's peak season and seats are limited.

I'm glad we're heading to Western Australia instead of Europe where the heavy snowfall is causing travel chaos everywhere.

From Perth Airport, we'll drive straight to Margaret River, the famous wine region of western Australia. The weather's nice and warm, so we'll be spending plenty of time outdoors.

The reason why we're heading that way is because of the prize I won. Well, the generous owners of Yelverton Brook Eco Spa are excited to meet us. I'm looking forward to a relaxing stay and encounters with the kangaroos, possums, bandicoots, woylies and birds in the backyard.

Then we're heading to Scarborough Beach for the rest of the holiday. I think it's nice to stay away from the city for a change.

The highlight of the trip would be dinner with my reader Chin. Originally from Singapore, they have been living in Australia for some years now. I can't wait to meet her and her teen daughter who is a very talented writer (I know because I read her blog).

I promise to return with lots of scenic photos and stories. See ya.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Enjoy your lovely prize! You deserve a good holiday!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Have a great trip & enjoy :)

Malar said...

Happy holiday!
Hope to see alot of Kangaroo & koala pic! I love them!

The World According To Me said...

Wow! It sounds amazing. Have fun, take care and tell us and show us all about it soon!

My Sinfonia said...

Luckily you are not going to NSW or Queensland. Flood everywhere. Safe trip and hope you have a fantastic holiday! Look forward to reading about it.

Amel said...

HAVE FUN!!! Funnily enough here in the north it hasn't been snowing as much. There's much more snow in Helsinki than in here. Can't wait to see the pics!!! :-D