Saturday 13 August 2011

Nakhon Kitchen

After our last failed attempt to eat at Nakhon Kitchen, we finally succeeded in getting a table at the Bedok Branch yesterday. Even then, at 6.20pm, the restaurant was already quite crowded.

We ordered several dishes and were satisfied with our choices. Service here is so fast and efficient, we finished eating and paid up within less than 30 minutes. It's the perfect place for a good and quick meal. Prices are reasonable too. The four dishes and drinks (CH had Coke, I had lemon grass) cost only S$30.

Tender, well marinated chicken wrapped in fragrant pandan leaves.

The green beef curry was really good. The meat was chunky yet tender and curry was thick and delicious.

The olive fried rice with minced chicken was good too.

The papaya salad was a tad salty but still yummy.

They serve miniature glass bottles of Coke and Fanta drinks here. These are imported from Thailand.

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