Monday 3 September 2012

An early birthday surprise

A few of us got together for a picnic at Singapore Botanic Gardens last Sunday. In a way, it was quite a perfect day for a picnic because we really had no contingency plan in case of rain. Well, it was muggy and we were sweating buckets. And I wasn't too smart to cook chicken curry. I guess everyone was hungry because they didn't seem to mind eating spicy curry with fried bee hoon. 

We had some real picnic food as well, like Banana Bear cookies which were more fun to play with than eat.

I brought some smoked salmon to go with the very delicious loaves of baguette from a popular bakery in Sengkang.Our friends (above) had to join a long queue just to buy them.
 Our friends EY and Chris (below) surprised me with a really delicious birthday cake from Flor Patisserie.
 My birthday is still weeks away, so it was totally unexpected.
 There was a huge ribbon around the cake and guess what they did with it? Yup, I became Ms Flor Patisserie that day.
The guys played some childhood games under the trees.
Along came a beautiful distraction called Loki, a jack russell terrier who understands only Turkish commands. He's a young dog and possibly the most energetic I have ever seen. His gorgeous lady owner loves him to bits. Loki led a miserable life as an abused puppy until she adopted him. Now he's treated to three walks a day and lots of cuddles. Loki is quite lucky afterall.


Wen-ai said...

The picnic looked like a lot of fun! But Rusty wasn't there?

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Looks fun! Happy birthday!! :)

Blur Ting said...

Nope. I had a busy week and wanted to simply relax and do nothing. He wouldn't sit still. I would end up running after him. Pretty much like running after Beanie.

The World According To Me said...

Happy early birthday!
I like the sound of a banana bear.
And I'm so pleased to hear the doggie is lucky and looked after now.

Malar said...

What a great picnic!
Banana bear cookies? so cute!