Monday 27 August 2012

He called!

It has been so hazy over the last few days and I've been worried about YK. The air smells bad from the forest fire in Sumatra.What if he loses his inhaler and gets an asthma attack during training? Then I saw a recruit from the same camp in the obituary section today - a condolence message placed by the military. My brain goes into overdrive. I think about what YK's doing. I try to imagine him without much hair and sweating under the blazing sun.

It's been 5 days and I tend to forget that YK is in the army. I'm still cooking for 2 boys and buying things in pairs, like two fresh coconuts from the supermarket, and more than enough yoghurt and fruit. I end up eating more than usual.

Then he called tonight. I was in the shower and the phone rang. I rushed out, rather annoyed, to find an unfamiliar number. YK was using his buddy's phone. The simple phone that I had given him was confiscated because it has a camera. This is strange because the camera feature is not shown anywhere on the packaging. And it is very well concealed on the phone. Anyway, YK discovered the function while fiddling with it and surrended it. "I could have ended up in DB (detention) you know?" he said.

It's only 9.30pm and he's about to go to bed. My son who stays up until 2am and who laughs at his mom because she sleeps so early is calling it a night? I see a change already.

He sounded cheerful and said training isn't too tough. That's all I need to know to tame my overly imaginative mind. Hearing his cheery voice is good enough for me. Now that he has no phone, he won't be calling me for the next ten days. I can stop worrying and focus my attention on something more enjoyable, like planning for the picnic this weekend.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

All mothers worry! YK was so sweet to call home :)

Amel said...

I'm SO glad to know that he's allright and that he'd called you. :-D

Anonymous said...

Another great son who calls home to sayang mummy! Hooray!

TT, we will share the calories with you and help you clear stock this sun if you have stuffed out your fridge. keke~~ - J

Malar said...

Glad that YK called abck and it end all your worries! ;) Have fun!

auntielucia said...

Thank you Blur for sharing your son with the nation! Hi-5!

The World According To Me said...

I'm glad he called and all is well. He's growing up hey, I guess he'll always be your little boy though.