Thursday 28 May 2015

From Bhutan to Bintan

This weekend, we are in the gorgeous private island off Bintan - Nikoi Island. I have not had a beach holiday in ages and this is such an amazing place to get away from it all. I wake up after a good night's sleep gushing about how wonderful life is! You have to be here to experience it yourself.

Every once in a while, we really need to get away and do nothing at all. Nikoi is the perfect place to retreat to. The boat journey from Singapore to Bintan is only one hour, followed by an hour's car ride to Nikoi's private jetty. From there, the speedboat takes you to the private island in 15 minutes.

It may not be cheap but everything is taken care by the efficient staff, from clearing customs to transportation and meals. Even the menu is fixed. I find it really relaxing when I don't have to make any decisions for a few days. I wish I could stay a little longer.


Malar said...

Stunning beach! This is where I want to be! ;)

Unknown said...

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