Friday, 24 April 2009

Worn out

I have a good reason for being missing in action here today. Morning was spent at the dentist where mum had a tooth extracted. It was a long drawn affair which started last year. We jumped through so many hoops and mum coughed out so much money but the problem wasn't resolved until today. Finally this dental surgeon was sharp enough to detect the root of the problem (a fractured pre-molar) and hopefully the extraction will put an end to her misery.

Until now, I still believe we must always seek a second opinion when it comes to health matters. This is the 4th dentist she has seen and only he could identify the problem. To think that the other one was so mean to mum when she sought her out after the treatment wasn't effective. To cut the story short, if mum had not persisted, she would have to live painfully with a broken tooth in her mouth.

It's been a tiring day. I had a busy day at work. After a hurried dinner with CH, we spent hours scouring for birthday presents for my nieces. We're having a joint birthday celebration tomorrow for oldest and youngest nieces. It's YK birthday too. So we'll have 3 cakes! Thank goodness I'm exempted from buying presents for YK. It's more practical for me to give him some money. That way, he can go buy whatever he fancies.

It's another busy day tomorrow. Mum needs to go back to the dentist in the morning. I'm attending a gardening talk in the afternoon. Then we're heading to my parent's place for dinner. I shall go to bed now.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

my....take care yah? =)))

huier said...

YK - HAPPY Birthday!!! =)
Ting - yes, i totally agree on the second opinion. Sometimes, even the 3rd or 4th cldn't sight the problem. This happened exactly to my granny some 13 yrs ago. We paid heavily due to that lesson learnt.

Petunia Lee said...

Eeeks! Sounds painful!