Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Generation Y

A report in the papers shows that Gen Y (aged 29 and below) are the hardest to work with.

"Workers of other generations cite attitude problems of Gen Y, such as being arrogant, impatient or abrupt, as a common reason why they find working with Gen Y difficult, according to the study by training, coaching and consultancy organisation Digne Consult Asia Pacific."

Why am I not surprised? Youths today are simply not used to waiting. They expect everything to appear instantly before them.

Life for them is meaningless without a mobile phone, computer and hi-speed internet connection. You can criticise and say anything you like but I choose to call it evolution.

Growing up, I used to take an hour long bus journey to the National Library to do research. Now, the concept of doing research at a library so far away sounds alien to my kids because information is readily available at their fingertips. They have the neighbourhood libraries to fall back on if really necessary.

My mum used to wait patiently for us to return home from school in the evening. I find myself texting the kids to ask if they're on the way home for dinner. Chances are they're already just outside the door. We are becoming very impatient people.

Kids today can survive even if they don't leave their home for weeks. Hungry? Just dial for food delivery. Lonely? There's MSN, Facebook and all kinds of social network. Bored? There's Wii or PS to keep them entertained. They don't even have to go to the movie theatres anymore.

The survey also shows that Gen Y may not work very well with baby boomers because the latter resemble their parents. No surprise there too. Gen Y simply don't find their parents very cool.

They scoff at parents who try too hard to emulate them or scowl at how old fashioned their folks are. You can't win them but there is a thing called Karma. When they become middle-aged like us, they will suffer the same fate as us.

Now, let me go to Facebook and peep at what YK is up to today.


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