Friday, 30 April 2010

Walk the talk

I'm so lucky because the local newspapers did a feature on my garden today. People may think that I have friends or relatives in the press to give me free publicity. It's nothing of that sort.

If there is anyone I should thank, it would be the nice teacher at the school that I do volunteer work for. When I heard they wanted someone to groom their wayward students into little gardeners, I signed up immediately. It's for a good cause afterall and I have that few hours to spare. Some of my friends wonder what I'm hoping to get in return, like money or favours... well, absolutely nothing.

I'm just happy to see the kids enjoying the gardening sessions every week. I'm proud that they can rattle off the names of vegetables, herbs and fruit trees in the school yard now. When they see seeds germinate, joy is written all over their face. We're all looking forward to a good harvest of sweet corn soon.

When I was there one afternoon, the people from NParks came by to promote the 'Community in Bloom' programme. We started chatting and they think more people should become gardeners like me. I'm all for growing edibles, as long as I am able to promote my cause, I would gladly lend a hand. One thing led to another, and I found myself in the papers and news portal.

Every week, I spend time speaking to young children about growing vegetables. On Monday, I was at Eton International Preschool to check on their vegetable garden. The next day, I was at Just Kids Kindergarten teaching 5 different classes about the wonders of vegetables and how to grow their own.

I believe in 'walking the talk'. If you lead by (good) example, others will follow. And I believe in doing things with good intention and sincerity because it is very easy for people to see through your pretense or ulterior motive.

When I ventured into my current business, many people wondered about my ability to last in the industry. I was a complete newbie and learned everything from scratch without much help. I wonder what gave me the courage to knock on the door of a huge shipping line one day. The director was kind enough to hear me out and opened some doors for me. Years later, he told me that he thought he would never see me again after that meeting.

Well, it's not that easy to get rid of me! Truth is, it must have been my earnesty that won them over. Competitors must be wondering if I have a rich father or sugar daddy behind me. How I wish too! I remember how my dad suddenly announced one day when I was still in my teens, that he would donate all his money to charity one day. He just doesn't like the idea of his children fighting over inheritance. The good thing is, none of us is mercenary. Not that my dad is very wealthy anyway...

I believe that one must make it a point to practise good ethics, whether in business or in life. One should walk the talk as well. Do things with passion and sincerity and good things will come your way naturally.


auntielucia said...

Absolutely, Blur! Ethics n right thinking will lead to right action, for yourself and others!

Great that u've been featured! Now must go look for the papers fm my sister's to read it all.

petunialee said...

You are a very special woman. There is a magic about you that draws people out. You are patient with people and you reach out to everyone from the very influential to the very humble. If you were and MP, I would vote for you.

People follow those who have lotsa heart... and that's something you've plenty of.

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

tiding rewards for the kind hearted!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. I'm so glad we'd meet up soon in June! Can't wait to hear more!

Amel said...

LOVE this post, Ting! I really admire you for having started your business from scratch (while you still have to take care of your two sons) and then for your passion in teaching the kids about gardening. :-))) Kudos to you!

huier said...

I am so proud of you! =))

amy said...

Love the picture of you featured in ST on Sat/Life!