Sunday, 2 May 2010


My house is in a big mess. I can't even show you any photo now that my camera is dead (we have misplaced the charger). I haven't been able to wash the bedsheets because my washing machine is down. It's not exactly down, it just makes a deafening sound when it spins. I have to run and hide after I turn it on, just in case the neighbours come knocking on my door.

I've ordered a new one which will arrive today. This time I signed an extended warranty in case it breaks down so frequently like the old one (3x in 1.5 years!). It is now too broken and costly to repair. Too bad I had to settle for a cheap one when I moved in because of budget constraints.

As you know, YK is decommissioning his tank. He's been having a garage sale of some sort except that the buyers come in with their own buckets to bring fish and corals home. He is hawking his goods from two big plastic tubs placed right smack in the middle of our living room. The glass tank has lost its former glory, it looks dull and forlorn like a wasted seabed. It's bizzare.

And the floor is filthy! There's no point in cleaning until the old tank is gone. Someone is coming to take it away. I am bracing myself for even nastier things underneath like crystalised salt, mold and heaps of dust.

To help me cope with the disarray, I just remove my glasses. Why not? Everything looks better when it is blurry, even me. That's what my friend Bev said yesterday, "You look different without your glasses... like...younger and better."

She must have left her glasses at home yesterday.


Anonymous said...

人生是一連串的課程,必須活過才能明白。 ..................................................

petunialee said...

Remove your glasses? Hahahahahahahahaha! So funny!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

hahahahahahahahaha......great positivity in tiring time!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

hahahaha Ting... u r so cute.. remove ur glasses? heheheh