Monday, 3 May 2010

School life

This afternoon, I was at Pathlight School - the first autism-focused school offering Singapore’s mainstream academic curriculum together with life readiness skills. I left the place feeling very impressed.

There is a certain positive vibe and vibrancy that is so infectious, I wanted to linger just a little longer. I walked amongst many happy children and cheery faces. I could see that the teachers and minders are patient and kind. The school building is bright and new, with interesting artworks in every nook and corner.

I was drawn to a bustling cafe operated by the school students. Then I wandered into the "Doodle Shop" and found myself captivated by the artworks of their talented young students. I've just discovered that these (below), done by 12 and 13 year olds, and many others can be purchased at their emall.

After leaving, I kept thinking to myself. Why can't every school have kind teachers and happy kids like this one?

I am comparing with other mainstream schools in Singapore. I have been to many and often find the atmosphere rather stressful. Just the other day, I wasn't very pleased with the way one teacher kept picking on the primary 1 kids. She barked at them constantly and threatened to punish them for not following instructions. She was trying to instill fear in them from a young age.

I was like, "Come on! Give the little kids a break!" You can't blame kids for not looking forward to going to school everyday, can you?

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