Sunday, 30 May 2010

Show me your teeth

While flossing my teeth over the weekend, two small chunks of filling fell out. Oh no, it's happening again.

This isn't the first time. Over the years, fragments of my molar or fillings have chipped off. At first, I thought it was the lack of calcium.

The dentists that I've visited always ask if I'm fond of eating hard nuts or sour stuff. They're baffled when I say no.

With the advent of technology, they are now able to see tiny fractures on my teeth. The surface of my molars is also worn out and flat. I must be grinding my teeth when I'm asleep.

As a young girl, my granny made me chew on a boiled pig's tail to help me get rid of this undesirable habit. Even when I was traveling with mum some 10 years ago, she complained that the grinding kept her awake all night.

Judging from the extent of the damage, the grinding and clenching is still going on at night. It has done too much damage to my set of healthy teeth. Because of the chipping, I now have two crowns and a ceramic inlay.

I recoiled with horror when the dentist first recommended a tooth guard. How can I sleep comfortably with a foreign object in my mouth?

"We need to address the root of the problem. You can't be patching and crowning all the time. Even these will get worn out", he declared.

Today, I finally relented and opened my mouth obediently to have the mold done. The guard will cost me S$500 (US$350)!

"Is your life that stressful?" he asked. "Wear the guard for six months and monitor the condition of your teeth. Make sure you put them on when life gets stressful, like when you're moving house or something."

Last week, the TCM physician told me to calm my nerves. Now, I'm hearing it from the dentist. These consultations don't come cheap. Someone please tell me how to reduce stress when the bills keep piling up?


Amel said...

I hope the guard works so that you'll have less dental problems later on - and that should reduce your stress 'coz you won't have to spend too much money on dental repair???

How to reduce stress? Hmmm...gardening? Running?

The Real Mother Hen said...

I think you need a holiday!

WaterLearner said...

Stress is it

The World According To Me said...

Oh dear, I didn't realise you were so affected by stress?
Have you tried meditation? Relaxing music? But if it's someting you don't realise you are doing when you are sleeping, maybe the guard is a good idea?

J@n!ce said...

That's a v expensive mouth guard. My hub made one & it cost $200. However, it was v uncomfortable & he has since dump it to its "mouldest" corner :(

Blur Ting said...

Oh really? Gee, I hope this $500 one will not end up in the bin too.

Anonymous said...

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