Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cool stuff

My younger brother, whom I consider less tech savvy than I am, just showed me his new iPhone. My colleague, who is older than me, is also using one. My kids are also lusting after it.

Suddenly my Nokia E52 looks pretty stone-age. It's my fault really because I like my phone slim and compact enough to slip into my pocket. You know how small our pockets are! No point giving me one with a thousand apps that I don't use.

When it comes to slim gadgets, the Koreans really know their stuff. When I saw this cool video of the new X300 from LG, I almost couldn't believe my eyes. It's so light (970g), you can stick it to the wall using sticky tape.

It's incredibly slim at 17.5mm thanks to a frame-less 11.6” HD LCD screen, but still packing a full-size Pebble Keyboard. It comes 3G ready and will start-up in just 5 seconds.

You've got to see it to believe it!


JY said...

I use the iPhone, it IS pretty cool!

petunialee said...

Oh! Instant lust!! That laptop is sooooooooo nice!

My phone is a dinosaur too. I bought it as one. I specified I wanted a dinosaur with few features and at $0/= with a plan. And I love it!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

No worries dear, I own a samsung that I no longer can find in any shops. I really had to hunt down the spare battery in HK about 1+ years ago. It is so old it can't receive namecards! I love it

The Real Mother Hen said...

Don't buy that LG! It still runs Windows! :)

I stay away from anything Windows now.

I haven't got an iPHONE yet. But I do drool on the new iPAD, that device is so thin, so cool, so chic. Ahhhhh, just thinking about it get me all excited :)