Saturday, 8 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day

YK is treating me to Mother's Day lunch at Sakae Sushi. He's using money from the sale of his corals and fishes.

Last night, my brothers were appalled to hear how high my monthly expenditure is. I've got to maintain a house, an office, two teenagers, a dog, a car, 3 mobile phones and so forth, you do the math.

On the way home, YK was concerned. "Are we going to be ok?"

Of course, we've been living like this for so long and everything's fine right?

"It's hard for you as a single mum right?", he asked.

Now he feels guilty about his hobby (marine fish) and thinks that he shouldn't rely on air-conditioning so much.

"Sometimes I get so worried that you won't be around anymore, especially when I can't get you on the phone. You drive around so much, your life is so dangerous compared to other mums. You must be carefiul when you're driving ok? I wish you could be like my friend's mother who's at home all day."

I tell him that it worries me too which is why I buy enough insurance so that life will not be so hard if I am disabled or gone.

You know what? I have a policy that pays me $100 a day if I'm hospitalised. Doesn't matter what I'm warded for. I know that's not alot but at least you will still get your pocket money!

"You mean the insurance will pay me lots of money when you die?", he asked. "But we cannot live without you. What's going to happen to us?"

Well, you're both old enough, you'll figure something out. Kids in the West are already independent at your age. You could always get a part time job to see yourself through university.

Suddenly he said, "My friend Nat's mother is also a single mum."

We single mothers can't afford to stop working. We can never dream of becoming a housewife unless we find a rich husband. But who would want to marry me? LOL!

"I hope you'll live to a ripe old age. I'll think I'll die if you're gone." he mumbled.

Suddenly it feels so important to be their mother. That explains why I don't like taking unnecessary risks because their lives still depend on me.

Guess what? I bought myself a Mother's Day present. It's a bag woven out of natural reed grass. I love everything about it.

If you think about it, reed is a tall and weak grass but when woven tightly together, you get a strong and attractive bag. It's amazing isn't it?

Last night, SK entered my room cradling Rusty in his arms. "Here's your Mother's Day present!'

My other Mother's Day present.

Well, it's the thought that counts. How can I not love being their mother?


Open Kitchen Concept said...

You must be so comforted that you have such a sweet and sensible son.. :) Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to you!

petunialee said...

I do wonder how you manage Superwoman Ting!!

JY said...

I am sure it mustbe tough sometimes but with two great understanding kids, it gives u the strength to go on! Happy Mother's day Blur!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...



WaterLearner said...

Appreciation from your thoughtful sons must have energized you heaps.

Amel said...

AWWWW...your kids are SO sweet (LOVE the bags)! And as you know I've always saluted you for being a single Mom/business woman. YOU ROCK!!!

And insurance is so important!!!

The Real Mother Hen said...

YK and SK are good kids indeed!!!