Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Five years

When I started going out with CH five years ago, I weighed 5kg less. I was also 5 years younger (duh!). In my excitement, I went out and bought myself many pretty dresses for our dates. I don't think he notices these things but what I've noticed now is these same dresses don't good on me anymore. It is a pity because they're still so new.

Five years on, I am more conscious of what I wear. I shudder at the thought of wearing anything too revealing or figure hugging now. The white sundress that I've worn only once suddenly looks too sweet and girly for me. It's perfect for someone half my age.

Now, 5 years in a woman's life is a huge milestone. Maybe it's a lack of strenuous exercise, but the body is padded in places that were once toned and flat, like my tummy. CH risked getting a tongue lashing last night when he questioned my lack of persistence in weight training and spinning exercise.

I know the benefits of exercise but I can't find time to fit any into my daily routine unless I wake up at 4am. That means I have to be in bed by 9.30pm. I'll be lucky if I had finished the chores by then.

Recently I loped off at least 5 inches of my hair in an attempt to take some years off my face. I regretted right after that. CH didn't notice my haircut. YK prefers the old hairstyle. And I mourn the loss of my long shiny locks. What happened to my once volumnious hair that I found so hard to keep under control? They have fallen out over the years. No amount of trimming or styling will bring back its former glory.

Let's not even talk about the wrinkles and saggy skin.... I do feel old.

Sorry folks, I must have gotten up from the wrong side of bed today. Let's hope it's on the sunny side tomorrow.


charlie hotel said...

I don't think there's anything you wore 5 years ago that would be age-inappropriate now. In fact I wish you'd wear them more often. Leave All-Black to the New Zealand rugby team.

Anonymous said...

Hello... don't let the numbers get in the way. Live everyday to the fullest, but with some balance!

Blur Ting said...

heh heh, I know I'll surely get a scolding from you Amy! It's one of those days... Wish I could be brimming with positivity everyday!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Sigh.. I can so understand.. Having hypothyriodism.. is making my weight and hair go all crazy.. :( A bit depressing. But Ting.. ar.. we've met twice and I think you look good ar