Monday, 17 May 2010

The surprise

My search for a camera started last year. I wanted a good one that is capable of shooting closeups of flowers and food. It must be capable of taking great outdoor photos as well. Not to mention I also demand good quality night shots. Then when YK started using my camera to take photos of his marine creatures, I find that speed is just as important.

Maybe because of such high expectations, I could never decide on what to buy. I sought help from CH and my photographer friends. According to them, you can't have everything in a compact camera. I read reviews and recommendations but couldn't decide on one that fits.

I was secretly hoping to get a new one for my birthday last year (yes, I'm hopeful and thick skinned like that), so I stopped searching for a while. When I didn't get one last September, I started saving again.

The urgency wasn't there. Something more urgent always crops up, like a broken car gear, washing machine or a new pair of spectacles. Even after we have lost the charger which rendered the camera useless, I could conveniently borrow CH's spare one.

Maybe he got fedup of lending it to me because he surprised me with a new camera yesterday. "It isn't my birthday yet!" I said, immediately feeling bad for being rather mean to him lately. Life has been pretty stressful you see....

When I read the reviews today, I realise the newly launched Canon PowerShot SX210 IS is a very good camera. One that fulfills all my requirements. He even bought an extended warranty in case of breakdowns, lost charger or even lost camera.

It's the most thoughtful gift of the year. I'm surprised my birthday came so early. Thank you so much!!


The Real Mother Hen said...

Ah, CH is wonderful, nuf said :)

petunialee said...

He wears kilts.

He cares whether you exercise.

He provides a camera in the nick of time.

DEFINITELY someone to cherish and love you lucky gal!

Vivien Ho said...

That's very thoughtful of CH...hehe