Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Walking my dog

Being a multi-tasker, I try to accomplish as many chores as I can while I'm out walking Rusty every morning.

He follows me to the bank nearby to drop off cheques or use the ATM.

At the wet market, he waits patiently while I pick out fish, fruits or vegetables. Almost everyone at the market knows him by now. Some adore him and think he's well behaved and cute. It makes me beam with pride when I take him out.

The old man at the char kway teow (fried noodles) stall is charmed by Rusty. "He must be an expensive dog. What breed is this?"

He must have a bad memory because he asks the same question all the time. Still I reply, "It wasn't so expensive when I bought him 7 years ago."

"You mean it's cheaper to buy a 7-year old one?", he asks.

"Nooo, what I mean is, it would cost more to buy one now, compared to 7 years ago."

Luckily my packet of noodles arrive and I get up to leave. Maybe he wants a dog like Rusty, who knows?

Someone should tell him that Jack Russells do not have the best reputation. They can be noisy, aggressive and hyper-active. Rusty maybe an angel around people but when he's with other dogs, it's a different story.

Rusty is a dog afterall. A small one with a big ego. He's only friendly with dogs that are smaller than him. So far, only chihuahuas and puppies (all kinds) fall under this category.

When we bring him to the park every evening, he struts around like a stud, picking on dogs bigger than him. He lunges at them and barks ferociously until there's an awful cacophony of barks in the estate.

It is times like this when I cower in shame and drag him home as fast as I can.


JY said...

I really want a Jack Russell...! Our dog has been mistaken for one, but fortunately was several 0's less in price! LOL...

The Real Mother Hen said...

Interesting. Small dogs are cute, but boy they can be so annoying, at least to me. Given my temper, well I think only labs can survive living with me without either me or the animal going insane :) You have a good temper Ting, you are a good dog owner even to Jack Russell.

Ji said...

Hi Ting,

I stay around Jalan Pari Kikis and have bumped into you a couple of weeks back while you were walking Rusty. Saw you again last night with CH and Rusty but was on the way home in a car. I have two chihuahuas and one of them acts really fierce to strangers, so I can share your sentiments when our dogs misbehaves, even though they may the sweetest good natured creatures with their owners!Hope to say hi to you in person soon.

Blur Ting said...

JY - But but but.. you already have a nice doggie. I like big dogs actually! Haha, we can exchange!

Blur Ting said...

MH- Yup, I think it's their way of defending themselves. Annoy people to death! You should see me grumbling when I walk Rusty :-P

Blur Ting said...

JI - Oh wow! Next time you must say hi! Sometimes I get so grumpy when I walk Rusty especially when he refuses to go home and I'm so dead tired.

I think Rusty must be misbehaving when you saw us last night. He was trying to rush to this house to fight with the big mongrel.

Next time, must say hi ok?

Amy said...

Since I do not have a dog, thus the moral of your story... too much char kway teow=memory lost :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

Blur Ting said...

Amy - Haha, good one!

Nick Phillips said...

Hahaha ... he sounds just like Pebbles. She's practically the same when it comes to barking at dogs bigger than her. What she doesn't realize is is that she's a tiny little toy dog :D