Monday, 17 May 2010

On cloud nine

Just like what Petunia has said, the camera arrived in the nick of time, for without one, I wouldn't be able to capture this:

From left: Mei, Ting and Ping. The waitress insisted that we flash that "V" sign. But...but...only our teenage kids do that. We had such a good laugh over it.

Now, what is so special about 3 ladies flashing the victory sign?

To me, this is the gathering of the year. No, make it the decade!

I used to provide graphic design services for AT&T Wireless, where Mei and Ping were in the public relations department. We had such fun working on projects together. That was 20 years ago.

We lost touch after that until I met Ping several years ago. She proposed a gathering for old times sake and finally, we all met for lunch today. When three working mothers get together, we can never run out of things to say.

We had such a great time catching up. So much has happened in 20 years. Mei is still the visionary I've always looked up to. Though she's such a high flyer, she remains so humble and well grounded, I have tons of admiration for her.

Ping is chic and classy. She never fails to bring laughter to the table. Her humour is so contagious, I feel happy just basking in their company.

I strongly advocate having regular gatherings like this. An afternoon with your girlfriends will help chase any blues away. I'm so happy now, I am on cloud 9.


Leah said...

"Mei, Ting and Ping" has a nice ring to it!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh that sounds lovely! Plenty of laughter over good food is fuel to the soul. Lovely, just lovely.

petunialee said...

I look forwards to ours!