Tuesday, 6 April 2010

He's back!

YK is back! He touched down an hour early but it took me so long to pick him up, all because we couldn't locate each other at the airport terminal.

He was outside the arrival hall while I was at the pick-up point below. We were waiting in vain and his phone battery was flat. When he figured out I was below, I had already parked at Carpark B. He then proceeded to wait for me at Carpark A.

We spent the morning playing tag until he finally called me using an air stewardess' handphone. Why did it take so long? Because nobody would let him use their mobile. Bless the stewardess from Singapore Airlines!

How was the trip? It was not just nice, it was VERY VERY nice! So much so that he wishes to go back there again. The two weeks spent at the village were fantastic. They dug trenches for mushroom cultivation, made compost for the farmers, taught little kids English at the village school, played with kids at an orphanage and mingled with the locals.

The villagers were so hospitable, they made the visitors feel so welcomed throughout the stay. Needless to say, he made many new friends, including the three favourite aunties who cooked all their meals. When it was time to leave the village, they all cried buckets.

The following week was spent at Ooty Hill Station where they stayed in a 400-year-old Catholic church surrounded by mountains carpeted with tea plantation. Imagine waking up to breath-taking views of Nilgiri mountains (also known as the Blue Mountains), the second highest mountain range in India after the Himalayas!

They spotted wild elephants at Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and saw a huge variety of plants at the botanical gardens.

The flora and fauna is so awesome, YK thinks I would be the happiest girl on earth if I were there. But of course!


amy lam said...

What a wonderful experience for a young man!

JY said...

Glad he had a great experience! Not so many young people appreciate such an experience!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Welcome back, YK! You are a wonderful person who opens your heart to others.