Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Behind every cloud is a silver lining

Isn’t it strange how some days are just so achingly slow while other days simply zoom by?

24 hours can pass by in a blur but a lot must have happened in one day.
In my haste to get through the day, I have failed to notice that my African Violet has sprouted new flowers overnight.
And that we are finally having clear blue skies again.
I have also forgotten to thank my colleague for watering my plants and my best friend for her quick morning chat.
And I didn’t take the time to marvel at the beautiful artwork my son had painstakingly created....
or even notice how much taller he has grown.

I can’t turn back the clock but I can start to appreciate the people and things around me.
Before I say goodnight to all my loved ones every night, I am going to take a moment to reflect on my day.
I must be thankful for all the good things, even simple things.
If a situation didn’t turn out they way I had anticipated, ask myself why?
There is a reason for everything….
and I know behind every cloud is a silver lining.


The Real Mother Hen, of course! said...

What a bautiful piece to kick start the blogging journey :) and with that positive attitude, nothing will stop you, nothing should :)
Be bless always!

Anonymous said...

I'm always thankful for one thing... maybe I should tell her ... ;-)