Wednesday, 24 January 2007

My best friend and I can do anything or nothing and have the best time

I read an article in the newspapers. The reporter interviewed a prominent philosopher. She asked what makes him happy.

His answer was surprisingly simple but meaningful.

Hearing the happy sounds made by his wife and children downstairs, while he is working in his study upstairs makes him very happy and contented.

I have forgotten the name of the philosopher but I always remember his words.

I brought out the topic for discussion with CH who said “Shouldn’t he be happier doing things together with the family?”

I argued, “But he is WITH the family. He’s doing his work (which he enjoys), knowing his family is around him having a good time.”

To illustrate my point, I even dredged out an example….Remember that afternoon while we were vacationing at the idyllic Loola Resort? We were sitting outside our beach hut. You were reading your book while I was sitting nearby looking at the busy sea creatures moving about below? That day, we were not doing anything together but wasn’t it very blissful? He smiled in agreement.

On days when I am busy working in my room, I like hearing the sounds of my boys laughing and talking outside, knowing they are happy and well.

I’ve noticed how my dear friend, Viv, settles down in her comfy couch to watch Stargate together with hubby in the evenings. It’s a picture of marital bliss.

Through the years, I have discovered that my best friend and I can do anything or nothing and yet have the best time. We always end our rendezvous on a high note.

It’s wonderful if you can do things together with your family and friends. But sometimes, it’s perfectly alright just being around them, not doing anything together in particular.

So, don’t kick yourself if you are not as passionate about football as your hubby or if you don’t enjoy slaying monsters with your kids.

Just be your happy self, be with them… that is good enough. They’ll appreciate you for just being around.


The Real Mother Hen, of course! said...

That's so true! Robin likes to "hear" me being around. A footstep, a breath, a soft cry "ah-ya" every now and then when I'm doing stuff around the house -- are all the background noise he likes :)

Anonymous said...

Relationships are like sandwiches: doing stuff together is the meat, being apart, the bread. Doing your own thing while together is like... the lettuce, yeah, that's it.

Blur Ting said...

That's why on good days, you eat a big club sandwich. Other days, you eat plain bread, or worse still, when you run out of bread, just eat lettuce :-)
err.. whatever...blur 8-I