Saturday, 27 January 2007

A simpler life

Today, I heard about a close relative who had almost passed out during a meeting at work.
A visit to the hospital revealed that he has a blocked artery in the brain.
A successful entrepreneur with business spanning across Asia Pacific, he has everything going for him. He is at the prime of his life but right now, he is probably reorganizing his priorities.

Today, my best friend was talking about her customer who had just passed away. He was a director of a large MNC in the semi-conductor industry. He was only in his fifties and had climbed his way up the corporate ladder in an extremely competitive industry. He had probably devoted his entire life to work and was looking forward to his upcoming retirement.

We all know a person or two who left us too early.

These were people who had slogged all their lives chasing their dreams. They were the same people who thought they could travel the world some day or see their grandchildren grow up.

This is a wake-up call. Today, I have decided to reprioritise and to simplify my life….

I will eat simply. I will feed my body with more healthy and natural food.
I will live simply. I will stop acquiring unnecessary things that will clutter up my life.
I will spend more time outdoors, take more walks in the parks and rediscover nature.
I will take better care of my mind and body though adequate exercise, rest and relaxation.
I will travel to see the world.
I will chat with mum more often.
I will play like a kid when I am with the kids.
I will catch up with old friends.
I will listen more and talk less.
I will be more tolerant of myself and of others.
I will smile more and frown less.

And the list goes on….

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The Real Mother Hen, of course! said...

Oh such a beautiful piece. You know, we human really need this type of awakening often to realize our true purpose in life and reorganize our priorities around it. Thank you again for the wonderful piece :)