Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Finger pointing

BLAME is a dirty word. I really dislike this word.

This morning, my son put on his school uniform and found a button missing.
He blamed me for not fixing it earlier despite telling me about it the day before.
We were already running late. Everyone got into the car and sulked all the way to school.

I went to work feeling upset and blamed him for ruining my morning.
As the day progressed, I started to blame myself for not teaching him manners.
Then I blamed myself for not training him to be independent.

The point here is, we are quick to blame others for anything that goes wrong.
If a marriage fails, we blame our ex-spouse.
If we don’t do well in our test, we blame our teacher for setting a tough paper.
If we don’t get promoted at work, we blame our boss for giving us a poor appraisal.
If we are too fat, too skinny or not smart enough, we blame our genes.

The more I think about that word BLAME, the more I detest it.

Do we even reflect on our own actions before pointing our finger at the next person?

From now on, pause and reflect before we blame others.
It could be our own fault.


Anonymous said...

Interesting... if I blame myself more than I blame others, will it be good? I used to think it's good, as it keeps me in check :) but as I get older, I'm not so sure though...
~ v

Blur Ting said...

No, it's not healthy to blame yourself. If you anaylse every situation carefully, you will find that there is no need to blame anyone, not even yourself.

I make the same mistake too, of blaming myself. Then I realise that it makes me feel guilty which is bad. But it forces you to look at the problem and try to find ways to fix it instead of putting the blame on someone or myself.