Tuesday, 20 March 2007

I need my fix!

It has been a week since the toe injury. The swell has subsided but the nail is probably dead and about to fall off. It still throbs with pain every now and then.

My colleague commented that I haven’t been smiling very much. I thought about it, yeah, not only am I grumpier, I feel so lethargic too.

That's because I am not getting my fix! I haven’t been to the gym or done anything strenuous all week. I usually walk a lot and very quickly too. But lately, I am forced to slow down, I'm practically dragging my feet. This sudden inactivity has turned me into The Grouch!

Our body releases endorphins that promote an increased sense of well-being when we exercise. Regular exercise eases the gloominess of depression, reduces anxiety, promotes relaxation and helps one sleep better too.

No wonder, I haven’t been sleeping well these few nights…

Looks like it's time to hit the gym again. If I can’t run, perhaps I can start with some resistance training. I can’t wait!

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