Sunday, 18 March 2007


Last night, CH introduced me to Ska.

To be exact, it was the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. He had bought a pair of tickets to the 11th hour show at the Mosaic Music Festival at the Esplanade. He likes Ska and thinks that I would too.

I went into the concert hall with nary an idea of what to expect. Suddenly 10 Japanese men in pink tuxedos took over the stage and in an instant, had everyone bobbing and bouncing to the beat.
In 60 minutes, they played a mix of traditional ska, jazz, big-band and rock. They were jumping up and down, shouting, singing, playing instrument-war, and having so much fun onstage, the energy was unstoppable, and highly infectious. Everyone had as much fun as they did!

Now I know a little bit about Ska. It is a fusion of Jamaican mento rhythm with R&B, featuring a strong bass and drum, lots of horn, guitars, keyboards and brass.
I still don’t know enough but I do know that I love it already!


Anonymous said...

Pink tuxedos???????????
Boy the music and the lighting have to be damn good so I won't focus on the 10 men in Pink Tuxedoes jumping up and down :)
~ v

Blur Ting said...

He he, light pastel pink tux. not as bad as you would imagine.