Saturday, 10 February 2007

A Catherine Zeta Jones moment

Remember the Visa advertisement whereby Catherine Zeta Jones as a female explorer, uses her Visa to order a truckload of bananas to barter back her stolen luggage from the orang utans?

Well, I almost had a Catherine Zeta Jones moment today!

We were at the reservoir to spend the afternoon. As I was relaxing on the mat, I saw two male macaques walking towards SK's bag. I ran towards them. Too late, one of them had taken away a bottle of Pepsi and made his way up the tree. I turned around and saw the other one creeping towards my handbag. Oh no! He made off with my wallet and scrambled up the tree!

We stood under the tree looking on helplessly. He started tossing the contents down slowly, one at a cards, driver's licence, $10 notes, ATM card.....even little pieces of receipts and (chewed) namecards. What if he decides to run to the jungle nearby with my wallet? How do I explain to the banks my cards were stolen by a monkey!

He almost emptied the wallet, tried to chew it, found it unpalatable and finally threw it back at me.

I can laugh about it now but it wasn't so funny this afternoon...


The Real Mother Hen, of course! said...

My Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow I wonder if the monkeys have seen the ads on TV!

Blur Ting said...

Oh the monkeys are so smart. They way they opened up the wallet is so professional! Their fingers are really nimble. When I tried to shoo them away, they became aggressive and showed me their big teeth. Quite scary actually!

MaxOnline said...

Hi, saw ur blog thru blinkymummy's comment site. I was the one mentioning George, but she had totally no idea who is George !

Haha...i thought u shld rem very well the soft toy monkey is George. She was like, mentioned it twice in her blog.