Saturday, 24 February 2007

Mr Cool-Headed

CH is Mr Cool-Headed. He is always a picture of calm while I am highly excitable.

Last week, I couldn't find my favourite watch. I left it on my desk when I came home and it was gone the next morning! How could it be? It must have fallen into the wastepaper basket below the desk. Everyone at home looked high and low.

I went to the trashcan outside the house to check. The trash was already on the way to the dump site.

I even looked in the office just to be sure I didn't leave it behind. Nada. I felt dejected :-(

CH said, "Don't worry. Give it a day or two. Sometimes lost things will miraculously appear."

How right he was! Two days later, SK lifted up his schoolbag from the couch and found it lying there! It could have been stuck to his bag and was transported to the couch!

That same week, SK came home from school with bad news. He couldn't find his brand new handphone in his bag after swimming lessons in school. That same day, his artwork on his desk was gone when he came back from the loo. He was feeling miserable and yet I gave him an earful. What kind of school is this? I must write a letter to the teacher to file a complaint.

I was jumping up and down when I told CH about this. Mr Cool-Headed said "Don't jump to conclusions first. Are you sure they were stolen in the first place?"

Bingo! Someone found the phone and handed it to the teacher. It must have fallen out when SK pulled his t-shirt out of the bag. As for the artwork, his classmate handed it up to the teacher while he was at the loo. Well, she should have told him...

Anyway, the point is, by staying cool-headed, you can think better and deal with situations better. You will probably stay out of unnecessary troubles and quarrels. Not to mention, wasting all that precious energy fuming away or worrying....


Anonymous said...

Mr Cool having a head cold now... :~(

Blur Ting said...

Oh no! Nevermind, just stay cool and you'll be fine...