Saturday, 3 February 2007

Chill-out Saturday

We decided to spend the afternoon chilling out by the reservoir. It was nice and quiet when we got there. I laid my mat under the trees and dozed off. Suddenly a big family descended upon our site and startled me out of my slumber. The kids started running all over the place, making a lot of noise. The mother caught hold of the littlest one and spanked him. He was bawling and making such a racket, we moved to another part of the park. Gee, what’s wrong with these people?

It turned out to be a blessing as we found a much quieter spot under some conifers. We were rewarded with such a beautiful view until dark clouds started moving in.

We drove to Casuarina Prata at Upper Thomson Road to buy roti prata home. The shop is clean and modern, but the business of selling prata is still very traditional. A family member mans the cashier. Another takes order. I enjoy looking at the people working in the hot bustling kitchen... one man shapes dough into little balls. Another flips and fries the prata. Someone packs and dishes out the curry. Then he takes a small slip of paper, writes a series of numbers and hand it to you for payment at the cashier. It's a well-oiled modus operandi.

While driving home on the highway, I came across a most interesting sight. A convoy of trucks, gaily decorated with brightly coloured flags was moving very slowly ahead of us. The trucks were ferrying colourful human characters dressed up as Taoist deities. One had a long flowing white beard and another had a pacifier in his mouth and rouge on his cheeks. An interesting sight really…in this day and age.

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