Saturday, 3 February 2007

Pig-out Friday

I try to eat healthily on most days. Lunch is mostly a cup of milk and oats while dinner is simple home cooked fare. But Friday nights are special! CH and I make it a point to meet up every Friday night for dinner.

All our friends and family know of our special Friday date. I think it is nice to set aside time amidst our busy schedules for our ‘together’ time. Of course, sometimes things crop up and we miss our date. Other times, we invite friends to join us on our Friday outings too.

On our date yesterday, we were deliberating between going to the movies or museum …but we ended up pigging out on Pork Knuckle instead.

We were both wearing resort clothes when we met up. So, we decided to go to Changi Beach Bar! The alfresco bar and restaurant had a live band playing. It was nice and breezy but there was a private party going on.

So we strolled along Changi Village and stumbled upon Jacob’s Café. At 8pm, the restaurant was starting to fill up. It must be good! The special of the day was pork knuckle.

It took about 20 minutes for the knuckle to be ready. We had beer and snacked on tortilla while waiting. A huge knuckle arrived, piping hot and baked to a crisp. It was served with Sauerkraut and an assortment of condiments including mustard, garlic puree, brown gravy and chilli. When you break open the crispy skin, the meat inside was soft and tender especially when it was still hot.... absolutely delicious on its own or when paired with the condiments. It was such a hearty meal, we couldn’t finish it and had to bag it home.

If you happen to be in this part of the woods, do check out this place.

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