Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Tough Love

I met a friend, Vivian from Dubai, for breakfast this morning. He’s here on business and likes to catch up with old friends.

He was telling me about a disappointing dinner with an old Australian buddy last night. He and his buddy went way back. They used to drink and make merry together…

Yesterday, his recently remarried buddy was a totally different person. He brought his new wife to dinner. First of all, he surprised Vivian by requesting for Japanese food. Now this big meat eater who loved his steaks not only asked for Japanese food, he ordered seafood teppanyaki because his wife wanted it.

The second surprise… he didn’t touch a drop of alcohol all night. He only drank water.

His wife wanted vegetables, so Vivian ordered tempura vegetables. The food arrived and she started peeling off the batter to the chagrin of the chef (and Vivian). The chef explained that it is a light batter, not considered unhealthy.

Right after dinner, his buddy thanked Vivian for dinner and said he had to go home early to rest. What happened to the guy who used to party all night? Well, he has to wake up at 5am next morning to swim 20 laps. Why? Because his wife said so!

Fair enough, today this middle-aged guy has managed to replace his pot-belly with a toned abdomen. When he started his swimming regime, he couldn’t swim even half a lap. Now, he can complete 20 laps effortlessly.

Vivian thinks his buddy was miserable and swears he looked uncomfortable all night and would be happier eating steak and drinking beer.

Kudos to the wife for making positive changes… which is good for hubby. But by being over-bearing, she didn’t make him look good in front of his friends. Maybe she should cut him some slack. Afterall, this is a grown man we’re talking about.

Then everyone will be happy. :-)


Anonymous said...

hahaha actually people do evolve/change, for better or worse
~ v :)

Blur Ting said...

Some men actually need someone to push them (aka kick their butt!) to adopt a better lifestyle. It may be a painful process but the outcome is always good for them.