Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Finally, there is rain!

I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I woke up to see rain. What a welcomed relief! It was hot and stuffy when I went to bed last night, the rain really came out of the blue.

The parched fields will finally get quenched again and the bush fires will be squelched once and for all.

The rain will do wonders to the school garden of course. The vegetable seeds that the kids sowed last week should have germinated by now. I hope to see little spinach, lettuce and bai cai on the flower beds when I visit today.

We planted onions, cucumbers, lady's fingers, eggplant, basil and sunflowers too. These are thirsty plants that require lots of water. The kids will grow corn and radish today. We have a real edible garden going on at the school yard and the kids are overjoyed.

What we need now is the weather's cooperation.

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