Monday, 15 March 2010

The small fly

A small fly* has been bothering me, giving me sleepless nights. I wake up grouchy and my day is ruined. But I am fighting a losing battle because it attacks me when I am at my weakest.

I leave the windows wide open at night to let the cool air in. It sneaks in stealthlessly when I am alseep and helps itself to a buffet spread across the bed. It sinks its proboscis into my feet, then the thighs, before tackling my exposed arms. I feel the itch and stir in my sleep.

When it has had its fill, it hovers around my ear to tell me it is satiated. I slap instinctively and hurt my palms. It takes two steps back and the buzzing stops.

Just when I think it is safe to sleep again, it comes back with a vengeance. I am wide awake now. I turn on the lights, eyes hurting from the glare, to see the blood sucker zipping about. I swipe my arms wildly and it disappears from my view. I wear my spectacles and find it teasing me an arm's length away. "Come get me!"

I chase it around until I throw my hands up in the air. This is ridiculous! Why am I wasting my precious sleep on a small fly?

I've lost the battle. I grab my pillow and move out to the living room. Rusty tags along and sprawls next to me on the couch. He falls asleep instantly while I toss and turn all night. I won't be bullied by a small fly, I will track it down when day breaks.

* ok, ok, it's a mozzie. Small fly sounds better than small mozzie right?


WaterLearner said...

How about getting a mosquito net? During this hot and humid season with intermitant rain, mosquitoes are really in abundance :-)

charlie hotel said...

You sure it's a fly? Maybe some fly paper will help. I know you won't want a bug zapper.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh I hate that too, so yeah I feel you!
Time to get a mosquito net?

Nick Phillips said...

A bug spray! That always works for me :D

Blur Ting said...

Well, mosquito net will make me feel claustrophic. I only get mozzies every now and then, so I will smack them for the time being!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

i is tot u donch like me anymore..... kekekeke...... =P

Amel said...

Ahhhh...I understand your annoyance. I hope they'll stop bothering you!