Thursday, 25 March 2010

Friday ramblings

YK called me at 11.45pm last night. I was about to get very annoyed until I heard his cheery voice. Well, my customer from India jolted me awake at 11pm the night before which was so irritating. Anyhow, someone with aged parents and young children like me will always keep the phone on 24/7 in case of emergencies.

I managed to ask, "Is everything ok?"

"You're sure none of my fishes have died?", he replied. "Don't bluff!"

Oh why would I lie? I was too sleepy to conduct a decent conversation. He was sleepy too, so we hung up quickly.

Now that he's away, I have more opportunity to pamper my younger son. I know how neglected second-borns are because I am also one.

For a change, SK is in charge. He tells me what he likes to eat for dinner and I make his favourite dishes. This week, we've had grilled shishamo, teriyaki salmon, chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) and cereal prawns. Next week I'll cook cod because that's his favourite fish.

Last weekend, we visited several fishfarms and then stopped by Cold Storage to get his favourite ice cream and desserts. He's been telling me all about his baby shrimps and aquatic plants in his tanks.

A week has flown by already. Two more weeks and YK will be home, and our little family will be complete once again.

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JY said...

I'll bet SK will miss the attention! But glad he got the chance to get moms attention!