Tuesday, 30 March 2010

School dinner

Last night's dinner at the school turned out to be an enjoyable experience. We were served traditional Teochew food like Buddha Jumps over the Wall, steamed pomfret, 8-treasure duck and my favourite yam dessert, orh nee.

The school's Chinese Orchestra provided entertainment while we chatted and munched our way through the night. The caterers did a great job, the 500+ guests must have left feeling satisfied.

Longetivity lotus buns for us to bring home.

Before dinner started, I brought CH for a walk-about in the school garden that I work on with the school kids every Wednesday. Some of the plants like the cucumber, basil and corn are doing well.


Sweet basil

Sweet corn

Overview of school garden

Unfortunately some of the vegetables that we planted are showing signs of distress like the eggplants (below) which had remained stunted.

It's the same scenario for some vegetable seeds that we had sown earlier. I suspect some areas do not receive sufficient sunlight that is so essential for plant growth.

Looks like we'll have to grow shade-loving plants like yam or banana instead.


The Real Mother Hen said...

I had a hard time growing basil, a bummer really since I like to eat basil. So when I see your basil doing well, I get all excited! :)

Blur Ting said...

WK brought back some basil seeds from USA, the kind of basil that is used for making pesto, and they're growing well.

Maybe you can try again in spring when the weather is warmer.

The ones I am growing is used for cooking Thai dishes. They're real hardy.

auntielucia said...

I'm a real basil fan. Can eat them by the handful. When yr school garden's ready to harvest, may I buy some? and of cos as token support for the school too.

I've had terrible luck growing the stuff in my balcony. The leaves always go mouldy!