Friday 1 October 2010

Carried away

I'm attending an all-expenses paid trip to Langkawi this weekend. It is organised by our shipping customer and being a 'good' supplier, I am obliged to attend the grand event.

Since I'll be away during the weekend, I got home early to clean up the house and prepare some food for the kids. I started with washing my bedsheets so that I can come home to clean sheets on Sunday night. While at it, I changed YK's sheets as well.

Then I mopped the floor and wiped the furniture. I put 5 pieces of meat into the oven to grill (enough to feed Rusty all weekend) before I brought him out for a walk.

When we returned, I fixed pasta for YK. I cooked a batch of fried rice so the boys could eat over the next 2 days. Naturally the kitchen got messy with all that cooking. While I was washing and wiping, I saw oil dripping from the hood. Yikes! I soaked the oily filter in hot soapy water.

By the time everything was gleaming, it was 9pm and I haven't even packed! I got so carried away with cleaning and scrubbing I forgot the time.

I took the bedsheets out from the dryer and fitted them back on the beds and pillows.

Then it was a mad rush to throw some clothes and jewerly together. I dragged the luggage out from the closet, ironed my wrinkled clothes and sorted out the essentials.

I should be in bed by now, I have an early flight to catch. Langkawi is a lovely island resort, I'm sure I'll have a good time.


auntielucia said...

Blur, I got tired just reading what u did! How do u manage?

Yes, Langkawi is a lovely island, esp if u get to stay at TRR (Tg Rhu Resort) -- my fav, for ambience, food and service.

U lucky thing to hav an all expense paid trip. Enjoy!

Amel said...

You're just being such a good Mom he he...I've also heard that Langkawi is a nice place. My cousin went there once and he recommended it. ENJOY your trip!!! :-D