Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Rated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, Salzburg is a popular stopover for day trippers simply because it's easy to enjoy the Baroque Town Centre on foot. If you have more time, there are hiking trails and ski slopes to explore.

Ths website by locals dispenses tons of information about Salzburg, which means "salt castle", referring to its massive fortress and the white gold from the mountains in the South, so I won't go into details here.

During our 2 nights stay at Elefant Hotel, we managed to explore the areas around the city centre at a leisurely pace. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time for us to venture further out of the city.
Flower stand at the town square.

Buying fruits.

Sausages and cured meat.

The city′s most famous son Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 

It was nice to sit by the river, rest our feet and watch the locals stroll by.

Gorgeous at night.

Mozart's birthplace.