Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A proud moment

YK received his Diploma in BioTechnology yesterday. It was something he chose to study and now that he has graduated with good results, I am really proud of him. The studying doesn't end here though. After his 2-year stint in the army, he will further his studies in the university. Still a long road ahead.

Funny I didn't have any photos taken with him after the graduation ceremony. Here I am with two of his good friends.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Remembering Yvonne

On a hot Saturday afternoon just 4 days ago, I was by her hospital bedside watching her gasping for breath. We were encouraged to see some signs of improvement, but sadly she passed away shortly after I left.

The last few weeks had been sad. Her condition deteriorated day by day. Hope turned into despair, then finally, we just had to accept that it was time for her to go. Watching someone dear slowly die is so painful. We couldn't bear to see her suffer like that.

She had touched the lives of many people because every time I visited at the hospital, there were friends and family holding her hands, stroking her face, singing to her and massaging her legs. Why must good people like her go so soon?

On Sunday, more than 500 friends turned up for the service at her church. Tears flowed freely as we remembered this wonderful and radiant girl. Clearly, we are all so proud of her. Today she will be cremated but she will live in our hearts forever.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


There is always an excuse for not running, like bad weather or feeling under the weather. A week ago, it was that jelly belly that finally got me started again. After running almost everyday, I'm beginning to see results.

It's the same with blogging. I used to be too lazy to blog but this time, I was genuinely busy. Then slowly, the momentum for blogging is lost.

During dinner last night, YK asked about the lack of posts. The funny thing is, he has been reading my blog because he has so much time on his hands. He finally received that 'army letter' which means he has four more months of waiting before enlistment.

Now that I'm trying to blog again, I can't even find anything blogworthy to write about. Even my attempt to write about our last trip to Kuching is futile as the photos aren't here. They've already been stored away in my external drive.

I really should bring YK to somewhere nice before his 2-year stint in the army but I've already planned a trip to Amalfi Coast and Sicily in end May with my friend. It's an all-girls backpacking and hiking trip, so we're pretty psyched. This time, I hope to capture the picturesque coastlines of Southern Italy and bring them to life in my blog.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mom's birthday

My mom turns 75 today. I think she looks great at her age. Last week she told me she feels so blessed to have a loving family and 6 lovely grandchildren. I think so too.