Thursday 31 January 2008

The happy kid

SK is on MC (medical leave) today. After a bout of diarrhea which went on till 1am last night, I decided to cut him some slack and let him rest at home. Knowing my son so well, I'm sure the moment I left the house this morning, he would be up and about messing with his aquarium instead of resting in bed.

When he was about 3 or 4, he used to get up at the crack of dawn to fiddle with his father's many aquariums in the hall. We would wake up to find the floor wet and the fishes all mixed up in the wrong tanks. With guilt written all over his little face, SK would vehemently deny any wrongdoings.

Being an active kid, he could never keep still and often incurred his father's wrath by getting into all sorts of trouble. We couldn't manage to keep his itchy fingers from his father's ceramic collection. I remember the day his father blew his top when he discovered very single piece of his manga figurines had either a broken limb or neck (which managed to escape detection because our domestic worker had cleverly glued back).

One day, SK crawled over his father's laptop and I was horrified to see the monitor crack into several pieces. I rushed to get it replaced just before his father got back from his business trip. That saved him from another good tongue lashing of course.

Unlike his older brother, SK never enjoyed going to playschool. Our attempts to send him to daycare when he was 2 years old backfired when he cried non-stop in school for one whole week. It was heart wrenching and I had to take him out of school.

When he was in kindergarten, he hated Chinese writing. Only when the teacher called up to complain that SK had failed to hand up his homework for several weeks, we found he had hidden all his writing assignments in our storeroom. When we made complete his pile of work, he sat there writing, tears streaming down his face, dripping all over his painstakingly written pages.

Now that he's older, he has channeled all that energy into his favourite hobby. He would spent weekends cleaning up and decorating his aquarium.

Ah SK. He must be very happy today. I can imagine him sitting before his tank, with Rusty by his side, watching his fishes swimming about merrily.

Wednesday 30 January 2008

She's mine!

Ting's at that age where she's fiercely protective of her little sister.

Whenever I walk into the house and coo, "Hello Mei Mei!", Ting will come running, "Don't talk to my Mei Mei!"

She ain't heavy...

She's my sister.

A mother's intuition

I often surprise my kids by telling them exactly what's in their head. My uncanny ability to read their mind almost always shock them.

"Sure I know what you're thinking. I've been watching you from birth. So, don't think you can ever fool me." *insert evil grin here*

Mothers have very fine-tuned observation skills when it comes to their children. We know when something is not right with the kids. When they were babies, I could tell by the intensity of their cries whether they were hungry, tired, bored or unwell.

Now that they're older, I could tell from their body language if they had a tiff with their friend at school or if something's troubling them. True enough, it will all start spilling out before I can even utter a word. My kids will never hide anything from me.

If they're hanging around in my room, acting restless and edgy, it probably means they have a ridiculous request that I would most likely shoot down like "Can you drive out to the store to get Ben & Jerry's? or "I have a craving."

"Huh! At 9.30pm? Not when I'm about to go to bed right? And, why aren't you studying for your biology test tomorrow?"

They always win of course. Well, after years of practice, they have perfected the art of negotiating with mommy.

On cloud 9

I'm over the moon today! I received 2 Biggest Heart Awards from Amel and Michelle! This is one of the best awards ever, and one of the nicest looking ones too.
I've met so many big-hearted bloggers in my blogging adventure, I dedicate this award to these people who never fail to inspire and leave a nice word of encouragement for me.
The sweet, gentle and kind-hearted Water Learner
Janice - the sexy and glam mommy
Seagrape, the most creative and fun mom
Jyankee - my fav kind of mommy!
Mother Hen - my dearest, funniest friend with a good heart
Mooiness who's always thinking out loud
Mike - always up to some mischief
Loz - so sentimental and full of wisdom
The brainy, beautiful and soft hearted HollyGL
La Delirante - who is so well read and full of knowledge
World -always so encouraging and supportive
Nick - the wordsmith who can spin stories out of nothing at all
Soul - she has the kindest heart and such a soft spot for animals.
You guys really make my heart flutter!

Tuesday 29 January 2008

Big Bang Meme

Thanks Janice, for tagging me!

Apparently this tag will help me to promote my blog and improve my rankings. Well, if you're interested to join in the bandwagon, just follow the rules.....

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Chinese New Year getaway

When we were kids, we always looked forward to Chinese New Year with great excitement and anticipation. Somehow, the flurry of activities around us - my granny making cakes and cookies, stocking up sodas and candies, spring cleaning and hanging decorations around the house - never failed to put everyone in a joyous mood.

Maybe it had something to do with the kampung (village) spirit that was highly infectious, even the air felt different in the weeks leading to the Chinese New Year. It is hardly any surprise for it signifies the start of the Spring Festival where everything comes to life. It's a happy festival, a time for family reunion and celebrating with friends.

As we grew up and moved out, that convival spirit diminished as we became burdened with work and family life. My first Chinese New Year as a single parent was the hardest. For the first time in my life, the kids spent part of the holidays away from me. When they were away with their father, I felt lost and lonely. They were sad and miserable.

I stayed in my room when relatives came visiting to avoid answering questions or discussing about my life. For some reprieve from the crowd, I even went camping with CH at the rustic Pulau Ubin island which was strangely quiet the last 2 years we were there.

This year, I wonder if it is still necessary for me to go on that little retreat. I'm pretty sure nobody will ask so many questions anymore. Even if they do, it wouldn't bother me at all. Maybe I'll go hiking with CH instead. We need to burn off those extra calories anyway.

Monday 28 January 2008

Granny, you rock!

When I read about this Singaporean granny who completed the world's longest foot trail at the age of 55, all I want to do is follow her foot steps.

Amy Lam is the first Singaporean to hike the United States' 3,500km Appalachian Trail. She set off on April 30, 2005, starting in Georgia's Springer Mountain before winding her way through six national parks, eight national forests and touching on 14 states.

It took her 127 gruelling days, 5 million steps and one heck of an attitute. This granny rocks!

Read all about it here:

A pup's life

Now that my kids are all grown up, Rusty is the only baby around the house. If he's not getting into some kind of mischief, you would find him curled up in his bed, fast asleep. It's a pup's life!

Stop spying on me, will ya!

Busy, busy, Busy

It's ten days to the Chinese New Year and we have lots to do. I was out distributing tangerines and New Year goodies today as an annual gesture to show appreciation to our vendors and customers.

During the weekend, YK went shopping for new clothes while I stayed home to tidy up the house and yard. Spring cleaning sweeps away the bad luck of the preceding year and makes the home ready for good luck. We're expecting lots of visitors next weekend, so the house must be spick and span. By the way, brooms must be put away on the first day of the Chinese New Year so that luck cannot be swept away.

We have finalised the menu for reunion dinner and dad has already stocked the freezer with fresh prawns and seafood. I can't wait to try out the induction cooker I bought for our steamboat dinner. My brother will be cooking chicken curry and other traditional dishes. If time permits, I'll make 'pencai' (pot of abundance) like the one I cooked last year. We will have fish too because in Chinese, fish sounds like 'surpluses'. Hence, having fish on the table signifies "surpluses every year" (年年有余).

Over the next few days, people will be changing their old notes for crisp new ones to stuff in red packets that are passed out from married couples or the elderly to unmarried juniors and children. As a kid, collecting red packets was my favourite activity!

By now, the New Year markets in Chinatown are alive with stalls selling handicrafts, flowers and food that are consumed to usher in wealth, happiness, and good fortune. I'm sure the mandarin oranges, melon seeds, BBQ meat and sticky rice cakes are selling like hot cakes as I speak!

While we have 2 days of public holiday next week, the festivities stretch for 15 days. The first few days are best for visiting relatives. Mom makes offerings at the altar on some days. The seventh day, traditionally known as renri 人日, the common man's birthday, is the day when everyone grows one year older. The fifteenth day of the new year is celebrated as Yuánxiāo jié (元宵节) which marks the end of the Chinese New Year festivities.

Like most Chinese around the world, I'll probably be buying New Year cookies and stuffing red packets over the next few days. Oh, I mustn't forget to invite the lion dance troupe to our office as a symbolic ritual to usher in the New Year too. I'm getting excited already.

Saturday 26 January 2008

A relaxing Saturday

While YK was out shopping at the mall yesterday, we were at Farmart with SK, shopping for aquatic plants for his aquarium.

SK's little aquarium.

We met this sleepy fella at a shop near our house.

An adorable birdie was there too.

These guinea pigs at Farmart were so hungry!

A colourful birdie at Farmart.

We found a rabbit on the loose....

... some goats in the barn.

...and, finally, some rodents stacked together at the Animal Farm.
Then we made out way to the reservoir where SK spent hours looking for crayfish amongst the rocks while we lazed under the trees.
The tranquil waters at the reservoir.
Hiding under the cool shade.

SK managed to catch these for his tank.

CH surveying the clear waters for signs of life.

Golf course across the reservoir.

SK looking for crayfish hiding beneath the rocks.

I spotted a 'doggie cloud' while lying under the trees.

Friday 25 January 2008

Hooked on Heads

Prawn paste chicken (left) and fried hae chor (prawn roll).

CH eats out everyday while I only do so on Fridays. So he lets me pick the restaurants on our Friday nights out.

I remember reading about Hooked on Heads in my favourite blog by a doctor who's also a foodie. We're not big fans of fish head curry but his other recommendations and photos had been etched in my head for months.

By the time we arrived at the restaurant last night, I already knew what to order. The service was friendly and the food arrived very quickly. The first to arrive was mee siam served in a pretty Peranakan bowl. Unlike most mee siam found elsewhere, this is a sweeter and creamier version with a light tangy taste. I thought I tasted coconut milk in it too. It was really delicious though CH felt the prawns had too much of a crunchy bite. I didn't take any photos because mee siam is not really a photogenic dish.

The other dishes arrived quickly after that. The Thai mango salad was another winner. The shredded green mango is tossed with onions, chilli padi and corriander leaves, garnished with roasted peanuts and shredded dried cuttlefish, drenched in a tangy Thai dressing. A very appetizing dish. You can find nice photos of both dishes here.

Influenced by YK who's going through a prawn-paste-chicken craving phase, I had to try this dish here, especially after the raving reviews. The plump mid-wings were so well marinated and tasty, these must be the best I had ever eaten. I was amazed at how they kept the meat so tender and juicy after all that deep frying. We packed some home for YK to try.

Though the hae chor (fried prawn roll) was not mentioned in the blog, we decided to try it anyway. It was tender and crunchy (thanks to the bits of water chestnut), every morsel was delightful especially when dipped in the sweet sauce and sambal paste.

Though we were so stuffed, we had to try the Thai sticky mango rice which the blogger gave 4.5 out of 5 points. Good news is it was a small serving but we wished there was more because it was so heavenly. The rice and mango, infused with the richness of coconut cream, makes it a highly addictive dish.

But all good things must come to an end. By now we're quite hooked on this place. We'll be back!

Thursday 24 January 2008

This is life

At this moment, I know several 16 year olds who are over the moon. You see, they have just received their GCE 'O' level results yesterday.

One of them is my colleague's son. He scored straight As, surprising even his parents. "You must have more faith in your son", I told her. In our competitive academic environment where every other child gets a headstart from young, she couldn't believe that her son could score better than his peers. Afterall, she had never sent him to any enrichment class all his life.

I know another boy who doesn't receive much attention at home. His family barely gets by on his father's meagre income as a driver, yet he outshines all his peers in school.

I remember when I was 16, my best friend outperformed me in her 'O' level results, gaining a place in a prestigious junior college. Years later, her brother won a scholarship and was educated in Oxford University while the youngest brother excelled in our local university.

Did they have an early headstart in life? The answer is "No."

I used to visit her at home to find her slaving away in the kitchen with her mum. Her parents sold curry puffs for a living. Life was hard and she had to finish her chores before she could revise her school work or go out with me.

On the contrary, some of my affluent classmates who were always shamelessly flaunting their musical talents (obviously they attended enrichment classes since young) and assets or rushing for private tuition didn't do too well. They were the same ones who never made us feel welcomed in school.

I know we shouldn't use school results as an yardstick to measure our success in life. Unfortunately, as awkward students in a snobbish girls school, that was our only salvation.

I have no idea how they are doing right now but I do know my best friend and her brothers are high fliers.

Whether we get an early headstart or not, I guess at some point in life, everyone's on par again.

Beautiful Friday!

What a beautiful Friday. The African Violet in our office is bursting with gorgeous blue flowers!

I am who I am

Come to think of it, I'm always surrounded by males. I grew up with two brothers, now I live with two sons and three male dogs.

Maybe that's why some friends say I think like a man. I make swift decisions, I'm not afraid of sweat and dirt, I don't wear frilly clothes and I'm physically quite strong.

It's probably a good thing because I can't afford to be a damsel-in-distress given my circumstances. Now that we're living with my parents, I'm expected to maintain the garden, wash my own car, bathe the dogs and do some yard work.

I've also become quite skilful at assembling furniture, refurbishing old cupboards, sawing trees and digging trenches.

In my line of work, I can't afford to be helpless either. Walking through puddles, surveying containers under the hot sun and climbing into dark, dank containers are part and parcel of my job.

When I was younger, I often wished to be more feminine, just like the legendary four Chinese beauties. I envied women with delicate frames who could wear flouncy dresses. Who can blame our young minds for having such fanciful thoughts after all the literature we've been fed.

John Keats wrote "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". But of course, we all know beauty is transient. Beauty is also in the eye of the beholder. As long as my beholder is not complaining, I am happy with who I am!

My son and our male dogs. We've no more room for bitches.

Wednesday 23 January 2008

An old psychic

I don't believe in seeking psychic help, so I was surprised that one fine day (some 10 years ago), I found myself looking for free personal clairvoyance service on the internet.

The banner was flashing "If you have a serious, perhaps urgent problem to resolve, whether it is concerning money, bad luck, love or any other large or small grievance, to help you, I am offering to give you a free clairvoyance and to reveal your lucky numbers, all free of charge."

It was too tempting even for a skeptic like me to resist. What followed was a series of email communication between the clairvoyant and me. At some point, I was so absorbed in her psychic readings, I even sent some electronic payment for her to rid all evil that was shrouding me.

I can't claim it was a fraud (though her lucky numbers never worked) because she could see something that I could not. I was probably at the lowest point in my life and it didn't take a psychic to sense my vulnerability. When she said I was going through the 'darkest period' in my personal life and surrounded by evil forces, I was trying to figure out what she meant. It's funny when a woman is in a bad relationship, she's often the last to know. A classic case of self-denial.

How the marriage ended had nothing to do with her but this morning, I came across that same psychic while Googling. No, I wasn't seeking any psychic help nor am I in any trouble. I was researching on something else.

On days like this, when the brain threatens to shut down, Google is my best friend who keeps me awake at my work desk.

Of course by now I am wide awake after her penetrating eyes seared right through the computer screen, sending shivers down my spine.

Lack of sleep

While I have been whining about my insomnia, I realise it's nothing compared to what Heath Ledger was suffering from before he died. That inability to sleep could be the cause of his death. I know how desperate one can get in his bid to get some shut-eye.

In a November New York Times interview, he said he was having trouble sleeping. "Last week, I probably slept an average of two hours a night," he said at that time. "I couldn't stop thinking. My body was exhausted and my mind was still going."

I empathise with him. Though I have nothing much on my mind, I'd been waking up every hour at night. I glance at the clock....only 1.30am... too early, back to sleep. At 2.30am, l wake up again, look at Rusty curled up in his little bed beneath me and drift off to an uneasy sleep...then I am awake at 4.15am again.... and finally I open my eyes at 5.15am..... just before my alarm clock goes off.

The rest of the day will go by in a blur. My body can't function normally, my mind's fuzzy and by 3pm, my eyelids will be droopy, I'll be grouchy and irritable.

Oh, sleep. Why do you elude us?

Tuesday 22 January 2008

Not a genius

I stumbled upon a bunch of mommies discussing about starting their newborns in enrichment classes on a parenting forum. Yes, newborns!

Apparently you can start your newborn on Kindermusic class or Gymboree....No wait! One mommy claims Little Gym is way better. Another sent her daughter for trials at Kindermusik, Baby Jumper Gym, Gymboree and Little Gym before settling for GUG. The same daughter also attends swimming classes at Aquaducks (since she was 6 months old) and enrichment class at Growing Up Gifted (since 10 months old). A very busy girl indeed.

Many mommies jump in the bandwagon to offer their expert advice. Suddenly a whole lot of names like Tumbletots, Julia Gabriel, Montessori, Kumon, Tony Buzan and Shichida are flying around between the excited moms.

Parents want their kids to become geniuses. They even convince themselves that by paying thousands to send them to "My kid is a Genius" or "Superchamp" camps, they will raise champions.

I have seen enough kids who may be top scorers in school but are so over-protected or aloof, they find difficulty socialising and fitting in the real world. Is that what the parents want?

Childhood education experts say that parents must be able to find a balance. A child may grow to be happy, more fulfilled and well-adjusted through enrichment classes. But if it is close family relationships or an afternoon together at the park that makes a child happiest, the answer may not be music school or math lessons but just more time spent with parents and loved ones. Happy, relaxed family time gives children the conviction that they are loved for who they are and not what they can do well.

When my kids were tiny tots, instead of sending them to expensive baby gyms to develop their motor skills, I plied them with Duplo and Lego sets, jigsaw puzzles and building blocks. They spent weekends in the playground, splashing about in the pool, building sandcastles and running around in the park. They cuddled animals and watched Animal Planet. They knew all about dinosaurs, butterflies and marine animals.

Call me a nonchalant parent if you like but I think my kids had a happy and carefree childhood. Just hope they don't blame me for not making them smart enough.

Oops, I've just opened a can of worms here.

Monday 21 January 2008

The Blur dogs

It's a really sad day because Soul's dog Midnight had gone to dog heaven. Dog lovers like us truly share your grief Soul.

Russell, Rusty and Cookie

Thinking about my 3 Blur dogs always brings a smile to my face. When I went out to feed them at 6am this morning, I found Rusty and Cookie's butt sticking out amongst my plants. The leaves were rustling and swinging wildly as they rummaged through the greenery.

As it turns out, the two little hunters were trying to corner a tiny mouse that was scurrying about in the bushes. Rusty is naturally the head hunter while Cookie is the half-hearted accomplice roped in to help.

Russell was sitting near my car, oblivious to the ruckus nearby. Suddenly, the tiny rat appeared before Russell, who bent down, gave it a sniff and turned away. That dog doesn't have a mean bone in his body. The rat scurried away quickly towards the backyard while the 2 Blur hunters continued burrowing through my plants.

Seeing how distracted his fellow doggies were, Russell sauntered towards Cookie's food and started nibbling. Cookie immediately rushed over, growled at him to get lost, and began eating his breakfast, neglecting his duty and leaving Rusty behind.

When we left for school, Rusty was still kicking up dust and mucking around. The rat must have gone back to its little nest, thinking "What a bunch of Blur dogs!"

I hope this story brings a smile to your face, Soul.

Fun or not?

The kids often ask me "Which is more fun? School or work?"

I always reply, "Of course school is fun. You meet friends. You don't have to worry about money. Life is so carefree... When you get to the university, you don't have to wear school uniform anymore and you attend lectures whenever you feel like..."

They roll their eyes. Yah right. When Mummy says it is fun, it always means otherwise. Like when we ask "Can we go to the movies?" and she says, "See how...", that means "Not going!"

They think that going to work, being able to earn lots of money and get to wear nice clothes is the best thing ever. Of course they haven't met nasty bosses, back-stabbing colleagues and impossible deadlines.

To be fair, I also tell them that "Work is fun if you're doing something you enjoy. Like being a florist if you like flowers, or an artist if you like drawing, or a vet if you like animals..."

Lame examples I know, that why SK's ambition as a little kid was " be a fisherman when I grow up because I like fishes!" Being an encouraging mom, I'd say, "Well, you can be a fisherman but we'll see... when you're older, you may change your mind."

"Can I make a lot of money as a fisherman?", he asked innocently.

"Well, it depends. If your idea of a fisherman is to stand by the river with a rod, you may catch nothing all day and you'll have nothing to sell."

"I don't want to be a fisherman anymore! I wish I can earn lots of money when I grow up so that I can buy all the prepaid (game) cards I want without having to ask mommy!"

I roll my eyes. Ya right!

Our amazing race

After participating in several oversea runs, we’re quite used to the routine by now. It’s like an amazing race peppered with little obstacles along the way.

First stop - IMM Building at 8am to board the coach to KL. By 8.10am, we were still waiting around when the driver emerged to announce that the bus wouldn’t start. After more tinkling and kicking (yes, big kick in the rear) by the driver, the bus suddenly came to life at 8.30am.

The bus and its psychedelic interior... no wonder I couldn't sleep properly in there!'

Throughout the 5-hour journey, I was praying our bus wouldn’t leave us stranded on the Malaysian Highway. We made it safely to KL City, a little behind schedule, but better late than never.

Next stop - Swiss-Inn Hotel

After leaving our bags at the hotel, we rushed to Lake Garden for the Great Eastern Pacesetters Run 2008 race pack collection. It was a 30-minute walk under the sweltering heat. As you see from the photos, it was a long long walk... but I enjoyed the sights along the way.

Drink vendor selling colourful icy concoctions.

Shop ablaze with Chinese New year decorations.

We wove through heavy traffic and dodged heavy vehicles.

CH bought us some buns along the way.

Some of the Wismas (buildings) are rather tacky....

...while the colonial ones are very pretty.
A beautiful mosque under the coconut grove.

I simply love the mix of traditional and modern buildings in KL.

That looks like a castle in the heart of the city!
Taking shelter. Last year, we waited for the rain to stop under this bus stop.
Finally, we arrived at Lake Garden.

After collecting our race packs, our starving group settled for a 5pm lunch of roti prata, naan and tandoori chicken at Restoran Yusoof.

Tandoori chicken and naan.
We shopped at an indoor market before returning to the hotel for some rest, followed by a late night dinner at the famous bak kut teh stall in Chinatown.

CH and I stopped along the way for some refreshing herbal jelly.

Our bak kut teh (herbal pork rib soup) dinner.

Checking out the waxed duck - a Chinese New Year delicacy - in Chinatown.


We got up at 4.15am to prepare for the run. As we walked to Lake Garden, we met many fellow runners making their way there.

The 20k run started at 6.30am. It was an uphill climb out of the park towards Bukit Tungku. My training in preparation for the arduous climb helped me to overcome the hilly run. I got winded so quickly during the last year's run, I worked diligently on my breathing this time and was surprised to overtake many people along the way. Let’s just say running uphill has never been my forte.

We were running along a very scenic route flanked on both sides by lush greenery and posh houses. Running on a tough route like this made the journey seem unusually long and grueling.

After struggling for what felt like forever, I finally arrived at the half-way mark nestled amongst a residential estate. By then my feet and knees were hurting so much, I began to shuffle. At the 14km mark, I couldn’t even run across the busy street. Thank goodness the traffic police were around to stop the traffic while I hobbled across.

When I saw the sign “4km to go”, it was a bitter-sweet moment. Under normal circumstances, 4km would have been a breeze but now my aching feet were screaming for rest! Suddenly, my phone rang. “What time are you coming home today? Can you bring me to the doctor?” YK was slightly unwell before I left and he wasn’t getting better.

Well, it wasn’t the best timing, not when I was hurting so much. “Ok, I will. Sorry, can’t talk now. I’m running.” I felt guilty hanging up on him but the race must go on… I vowed to contact him after I crossed the finish line.

By the time I past the 2km mark I had depleted all my energy. So, I began my crawl up the hill, hobbling along with other runners who were also feeling the strain and the heat. I had to rely on my willpower to get me to the finish line. Like always, I was rejuvenated by the cheers of the crowd and made a dash across the finish line.

From left to right - My aunt Rosemary, Bai Yun (both did 30k), Linda (20k), Jess (her first 20k), Mei Nu (30k) and me. CH also completed 20k despite a nagging pain in his foot since the Singapore Marathon on 2 Dec 07. Well done everyone!

What I like best about the KL runs organized by Pacesetters is the carnival-like atmosphere. After the run, we were given food and dessert coupons and of course, I was revived by the sight of food. The mee siam and chendol were simply delicious!
Amidst the excitement, my mobile phone got drenched by drinking water, died and I couldn’t revive it. Oops, looks like I can’t email the photos to the Kenyan winners now as their email addy’s stored in my phone. Oh well....

After that, we raced back to the hotel, showered and walked to the bus station to catch the bus home.

Not before I had my fill of peanut pancake and the famous 'Coffee King' before I leave KL!

Mad rush at the bus station.
Last stop - Arrived in Singapore, rushed home, brought YK to the doctor and finally...collapsed in my old comfy bed!

Chowmahalla Palace

During our week in Hyderabad, some of the places we visited include the Mecca Mosque, the Charminar (the icon of Hyderabad), Sufi Shrine, Bi...