Monday 21 January 2008

Our amazing race

After participating in several oversea runs, we’re quite used to the routine by now. It’s like an amazing race peppered with little obstacles along the way.

First stop - IMM Building at 8am to board the coach to KL. By 8.10am, we were still waiting around when the driver emerged to announce that the bus wouldn’t start. After more tinkling and kicking (yes, big kick in the rear) by the driver, the bus suddenly came to life at 8.30am.

The bus and its psychedelic interior... no wonder I couldn't sleep properly in there!'

Throughout the 5-hour journey, I was praying our bus wouldn’t leave us stranded on the Malaysian Highway. We made it safely to KL City, a little behind schedule, but better late than never.

Next stop - Swiss-Inn Hotel

After leaving our bags at the hotel, we rushed to Lake Garden for the Great Eastern Pacesetters Run 2008 race pack collection. It was a 30-minute walk under the sweltering heat. As you see from the photos, it was a long long walk... but I enjoyed the sights along the way.

Drink vendor selling colourful icy concoctions.

Shop ablaze with Chinese New year decorations.

We wove through heavy traffic and dodged heavy vehicles.

CH bought us some buns along the way.

Some of the Wismas (buildings) are rather tacky....

...while the colonial ones are very pretty.
A beautiful mosque under the coconut grove.

I simply love the mix of traditional and modern buildings in KL.

That looks like a castle in the heart of the city!
Taking shelter. Last year, we waited for the rain to stop under this bus stop.
Finally, we arrived at Lake Garden.

After collecting our race packs, our starving group settled for a 5pm lunch of roti prata, naan and tandoori chicken at Restoran Yusoof.

Tandoori chicken and naan.
We shopped at an indoor market before returning to the hotel for some rest, followed by a late night dinner at the famous bak kut teh stall in Chinatown.

CH and I stopped along the way for some refreshing herbal jelly.

Our bak kut teh (herbal pork rib soup) dinner.

Checking out the waxed duck - a Chinese New Year delicacy - in Chinatown.


We got up at 4.15am to prepare for the run. As we walked to Lake Garden, we met many fellow runners making their way there.

The 20k run started at 6.30am. It was an uphill climb out of the park towards Bukit Tungku. My training in preparation for the arduous climb helped me to overcome the hilly run. I got winded so quickly during the last year's run, I worked diligently on my breathing this time and was surprised to overtake many people along the way. Let’s just say running uphill has never been my forte.

We were running along a very scenic route flanked on both sides by lush greenery and posh houses. Running on a tough route like this made the journey seem unusually long and grueling.

After struggling for what felt like forever, I finally arrived at the half-way mark nestled amongst a residential estate. By then my feet and knees were hurting so much, I began to shuffle. At the 14km mark, I couldn’t even run across the busy street. Thank goodness the traffic police were around to stop the traffic while I hobbled across.

When I saw the sign “4km to go”, it was a bitter-sweet moment. Under normal circumstances, 4km would have been a breeze but now my aching feet were screaming for rest! Suddenly, my phone rang. “What time are you coming home today? Can you bring me to the doctor?” YK was slightly unwell before I left and he wasn’t getting better.

Well, it wasn’t the best timing, not when I was hurting so much. “Ok, I will. Sorry, can’t talk now. I’m running.” I felt guilty hanging up on him but the race must go on… I vowed to contact him after I crossed the finish line.

By the time I past the 2km mark I had depleted all my energy. So, I began my crawl up the hill, hobbling along with other runners who were also feeling the strain and the heat. I had to rely on my willpower to get me to the finish line. Like always, I was rejuvenated by the cheers of the crowd and made a dash across the finish line.

From left to right - My aunt Rosemary, Bai Yun (both did 30k), Linda (20k), Jess (her first 20k), Mei Nu (30k) and me. CH also completed 20k despite a nagging pain in his foot since the Singapore Marathon on 2 Dec 07. Well done everyone!

What I like best about the KL runs organized by Pacesetters is the carnival-like atmosphere. After the run, we were given food and dessert coupons and of course, I was revived by the sight of food. The mee siam and chendol were simply delicious!
Amidst the excitement, my mobile phone got drenched by drinking water, died and I couldn’t revive it. Oops, looks like I can’t email the photos to the Kenyan winners now as their email addy’s stored in my phone. Oh well....

After that, we raced back to the hotel, showered and walked to the bus station to catch the bus home.

Not before I had my fill of peanut pancake and the famous 'Coffee King' before I leave KL!

Mad rush at the bus station.
Last stop - Arrived in Singapore, rushed home, brought YK to the doctor and finally...collapsed in my old comfy bed!


Michelle said...

Wow, fantastic photos and write-up, Blur. I felt like I was there. :-D

BTW - I've nominated you for the "CHEER ME UP" award. :-)

mooiness said...

Wow what a great adventure! And peanut pancakes ... omg, drool.

Is it me or do the Kenyans just look kinda nonchalant in the photos? :P

Blur Ting said...

Thanks Michelle for the compliment and the award! Yay, I got an award, not from running, but for cheering you up. That's much more precious!

Blur Ting said...

Hi Mooiness. Well, they're always winning in the races, the win is nothing to them. They're prefer the International events cos the prize money is way better.

Also, I approached them when they were eating oranges. So they were not quite ready for photos with their fans. However, they later warmed up and asked for more photos together and requested that I email them.

Anonymous said...


The World According To Me said...

Great post! Love the pictures. How bright was that coach?!
Well done for completing the course, I don't think I could have done that!

Amel said...

WOW...GREAT pics and story! The psychedelic pattern in the bus is really making me dizzy! He he he he he...

CONGRATS on finishing the race!!!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Great adventure, beautiful pictures and solid writing style you have there Ting :)

Ohhhhh when I see all the CNY decorations, I started to feel home sick!

I really must go back again this year.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Congrats on completing the race, I'm so proud of you and I love the photos :-)

Blur Ting said...

Thanks everyone. It's a pleasure bringing you all a report of what I have seen and been through. KL is a very 'happening' city.

Blur Ting said...

MH - Come back for CNY lah. I remember how you used to join us for reunion dinner. I miss those days! I am planning to make 8-treasure duck this year.

If you come back, I'll make one whole duck just for you!!

The Real Mother Hen said...

WOW! That's so tempting!!! :)
Arh I can't get my mind off the yummy duck now!!! :)

I actually wanted to go back during CNY, but I got a lot to do when I go back this time, and usually nothing opens during CNY, so realistically, I can't maximize my time on real business issues there during CNY :(

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