Monday, 21 January 2008

The Blur dogs

It's a really sad day because Soul's dog Midnight had gone to dog heaven. Dog lovers like us truly share your grief Soul.

Russell, Rusty and Cookie

Thinking about my 3 Blur dogs always brings a smile to my face. When I went out to feed them at 6am this morning, I found Rusty and Cookie's butt sticking out amongst my plants. The leaves were rustling and swinging wildly as they rummaged through the greenery.

As it turns out, the two little hunters were trying to corner a tiny mouse that was scurrying about in the bushes. Rusty is naturally the head hunter while Cookie is the half-hearted accomplice roped in to help.

Russell was sitting near my car, oblivious to the ruckus nearby. Suddenly, the tiny rat appeared before Russell, who bent down, gave it a sniff and turned away. That dog doesn't have a mean bone in his body. The rat scurried away quickly towards the backyard while the 2 Blur hunters continued burrowing through my plants.

Seeing how distracted his fellow doggies were, Russell sauntered towards Cookie's food and started nibbling. Cookie immediately rushed over, growled at him to get lost, and began eating his breakfast, neglecting his duty and leaving Rusty behind.

When we left for school, Rusty was still kicking up dust and mucking around. The rat must have gone back to its little nest, thinking "What a bunch of Blur dogs!"

I hope this story brings a smile to your face, Soul.


WaterLearner said...

Hi Blur,

This is one heart warming dog story indeed.

I hope that Soul will cheer up a little also!

Anonymous said...

yeah this story is for soul!

The World According To Me said...

I actually said "oh no" out loud when I heard the news of Souls dog.

I hope the story cheered her up too.

Amel said...

Sorry to hear about Soul's dog. :-((( Our entire family shed tears when we lost our cat. Our cat was a GREAT mouse hunter, too!!! ;-D

GO, RUSTYYYYYY!!!! Among your three dogs, I think Rusty has the cutest face HE HE HE HE...

The Real Mother Hen said...

Your description is so vivid Ting :)

Unknown said...

there's a third one? nice to meet you, Russell.

La delirante said...

Sorry to hear about Soul's dog...It is always sad to lose one's pets :( I still remember when I buried my parrot :( There was an earthquake and it fell in the toilet...and drowned... :(

Blur Ting said...

I can imagine the Soul family must be so sad now. Souls' too sad to blog. I can't imagine the day when my doggies are gone. They bring us so much joy!

Seagrape - Russell is a stray who used to hang around in the yard. Nowadays he sleeps on our porch. My dad has since adopted him and got him a licence.