Thursday, 10 May 2012


There is always an excuse for not running, like bad weather or feeling under the weather. A week ago, it was that jelly belly that finally got me started again. After running almost everyday, I'm beginning to see results.

It's the same with blogging. I used to be too lazy to blog but this time, I was genuinely busy. Then slowly, the momentum for blogging is lost.

During dinner last night, YK asked about the lack of posts. The funny thing is, he has been reading my blog because he has so much time on his hands. He finally received that 'army letter' which means he has four more months of waiting before enlistment.

Now that I'm trying to blog again, I can't even find anything blogworthy to write about. Even my attempt to write about our last trip to Kuching is futile as the photos aren't here. They've already been stored away in my external drive.

I really should bring YK to somewhere nice before his 2-year stint in the army but I've already planned a trip to Amalfi Coast and Sicily in end May with my friend. It's an all-girls backpacking and hiking trip, so we're pretty psyched. This time, I hope to capture the picturesque coastlines of Southern Italy and bring them to life in my blog.


Amel said...

OH OH OH have a FUN tripppp and I can't wait to see your pics! :-D

GOOD LUCK for YK on the army stint! Oh, and Happy Mother's Day, Ting! :-D You're an inspiration! :-D

My Sinfonia said...

Wow! what a trip that would be! Perhaps YK can tag along? He may be very handy for handyman jobs...

Petunia Lee said...

You have writer's blog? Sob! That takes away one joy I used to indulge in everyday!! I hope you get unblocked soon!

Wen-ai said...

Wah! I'm so excited about ur trip!!! *jump jump jump*

Malar said...

Hope you get the momentum again to write your blog! ;)
Have fun in Italy!

Chris said...

Hi Blur Ting,
I have been absent from my blog for some time too. Was reading through some of my previous commentors and saw your link and comment. Thot I drop by. Glad all is good at your end.

By the way, I always remember you because of the Master Cleanse program I read from your blog :-) I am still practicing it and have even gotten a few people doing it. Have a great weekend!

Blur Ting said...

Thanks everyone. I will enjoy myself.

Chris - Thanks for reading my blog. And thanks to you, I'm back on it these 2 days just to detox a little before I leave.

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