Friday, 26 June 2015

The streets of Hyderabad

We visited Hyderabad when the weather was at its hottest. With temperatures soaring to 40 degree celcius, even the breeze was hot. The death toll in India during the heatwave was alarmingly high at over 2,500!
It was essential for us to stay hydrated and dress in thin cotton. Business was always brisk at the coconut and sugar cane vendor's cart.

Even with the heat, the bazaars were always packed with people and vehicles. It takes a lot of courage to weave through chaotic traffic and cross the busy roads.
On some days, we could even see the tar on the road melting from the intense heat. In the evenings, people came out in full force to shop at the bazaars. Sultan Bazaar is textile paradise while Laad Bazaar is the place to go for jewelry and pearls.

Food is cheap and plentiful. Hyderabad is famous for briyani, with variations like vegetarian, mutton or chicken to choose from. Aside from rice, we ate different styles of roti, served with dips and curry everyday.

 We drank lots of milk tea as well. They were so good and cheap! The small glass cups cost SGD 20cts each.
Enjoy the photos taken while we were out and about.  It was mango season and hawkers were selling them everywhere.


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Lovely place! 40deg c? That's so hot!

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