Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Another one bites the dust

I saw this coming years ago. Finally the extreme makeover of Seletar Camp has begun.

Seletar Camp is one of my favourite haunts. I love this sleepy neighbourhood simply because it’s like a forgotten place that’s tucked away in a corner of our island. This sprawling former military air base still boasts of old black and white colonial houses, abandoned buildings and old hangers and a handful of clubs. It’s the lush greenery and old world charm that appeals to me.

Thinking about that place makes me feel nostalgic. When the kids were younger, we used to drive through the quiet roads in search of caterpillars and butterflies. They could run freely on the green haven of small roads and open fields. The Seletar Base Golf Course is where I took my golf proficiency test. Last year, my best friend and I jogged through the tranquil estate one Saturday morning hoping to have a leisurely breakfast at the popular Kingfisher Club only to find it closed.

Then there is Sunset Grill which is located in East Camp. It is like an oasis in the desert! After driving through the golf course, past old repairs yards and tall fencing, it’s unbelievable to stumble on a restaurant housed in an old hanger. The last time I was there with CH for dinner, it was so dark, I accidentally parked my car on the green (of Seletar Course)! Whoops. Yet the restaurant was full of people having a great time. I remember having a most wonderful dinner with Vivien and the kids here before she left for the US. We watched the beautiful sunset while gorging on the delicious food.

I love the place so much I once harboured the thought of living in the colonial houses with open lawns. But I guess that will never happen in this lifetime for the makeover to turn the tranquil surroundings of Seletar Airport into an aerospace hub has begun. The old tenants are already starting to move out and soon, there will be a spanking new Seletar Aerospace Park here.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh ANOTHER one... they just can't let the place be the place can they?! I used to tell XXB folks that why don't they also flatten Pulau Ubin, manicure it and turn it into an Airport also!!! Then can have cute little bumboats taking tourists across to the "mainland"... make it sound really complicated, after all they are good at that!

Blur Ting said...

You know what? Pulau Ubin's not going to be the same again. I was going to blog about it sometime. They are going to start quarry activities again. So there will be blasting and trucks carrying the granite all day long. All the wildlife will soon be gone and visitors will avoid the place because of the noise, dust and risk of getting injured. When you are back in Singapore, you're going to see lots of changes especially in the Marina Bay area. sigh