Friday, 6 April 2007

Girl friends

I am so blessed to have many girlfriends. Understanding ones too. I must admit that I am not good at keeping in touch. Thank goodness they haven't forsaken me yet.

Before that happens, I want to thank my best friend WK for calling me almost every morning and for organising BBQs and dinners every now and then. My dear friend V in Oregon for her daily emails and nice comments on my blog. Julia for making the effort to stay in touch via sms. The jet-setting EE for making time to have a cuppa with me whenever she's in town. I must also thank Nani from Surabaya for bringing me lots of goodies everytime she's in Singapore. Of course, not forgetting my schoomates Viv, Joyce, ML and Len who constantly update me on what's going on in their lives. How can I forget the lovely and enigmatic Yvonne who would surprise me with a phone call once in a blue moon?

My dear friends, if you are reading my blog, thanks again for being my friend.

And to my guy friends out there, I appreciate you too.


Anonymous said...

Very touched by your appreciation :)
You're loved, and appreciated very much too :)
Yes you're special :)
- V :)

Anonymous said...

Indeed so touched by your appreciation ;-)
You are unique and brave. Wish I have been in touch more. Will try.

Blur Ting said...

Thanks ladies, for making my day!