Saturday, 7 April 2007

A small milestone

I can finally wear my running shoes again. Ok, that’s not quite a milestone…but hey, I have waited one month for this day! To protect my new toenail from any damage, I bandaged it before pulling on my socks and heading for Bukit Batok Nature Reserve.

It’s nice to be out running again. Though the sun was shining brightly, the park was well shaded by a thick canopy of trees. I decided to go slow today and took some pictures along the way.

Bukit Batok Park is developed on an abandoned quarry site. Its terrain is undulating with meandering footpaths. Half of the 36-hectare site is young Secondary Forest which have started to regenerate from former settled areas, where rubber and fruit trees, such as jackfruit, durian and rambutan, once stood. There are a number of forest paths winding through these areas, some of which lead to vantage points providing breathtaking views of the quarry lake.
Bukit Batok estate is a really nice place to live in. Even the landscape at the housing estate is impressive. Isn't it nice to wake up to a lovely view of pine and conifer trees!

I suspect the water gushing down this drain near the park is spring water because the clear water never stops running, even on very hot days.
It's been a good morning. The sky is darkening now and I hear rumbles. Looks like a thunderstorm is on the way.


Random Magus said...

It's beautiful. I live in a city of glass and concrete with a few pretty beaches

Blur Ting said...

Hi Random Magus, you live in Dubai? There's indeed a lack of greenery. When I was there, I noticed the private gardens that are irrigated are green and beautiful, but the unoccupied areas are mostly sand and barren. I am indeed very grateful for our greenery back home.