Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Until now, I'm still quite hesitant about calling people on their mobile phone. I prefer to text or call their LAN line. I don't like catching people at the most inconvenient and awkward moments.

Just minutes ago, I received a sales call from Marie France while I was out walking Rusty in the rain. I was balancing a large umbrella with my left hand while holding the leash on my right. Rusty wasn't happy to be left standing in the rain as I struggled to reach for the phone in my back pocket. And to hear a saleslady offering me slimming packages made it all the more sickening.

Last night, the phone rang while I was chopping garlic in the kitchen. It was from a bank promoting their credit card. I turned her down only to receive another call from her again. I had told this same bank to remove me from their calling list. I should write in to complain.

The phone rang again 15 minutes later. This time, my hands were covered in sticky batter. Thinking it could be a business call, CH held the phone to my ear. It was from another bank promoting cheap loans. She wouldn't stop talking even after I declined her offer. I had to tell her to back off.

It's strange how the phone would stay quiet all day and start ringing at moments like when I'm colouring my hair or lugging bags of groceries to the car.

And just when you thought you're done with one call, another rings immediately. They come in all at once. It's just crazy.


JY said...

Even more surprising... The sales calls here are sometimes recorded messages!!!!

Blur Ting said...

Lol, it's easier to hang up on them I guess!