Monday 28 March 2011

Fantastic night out

It is easy to understand why The Lion King Musical is a multiple award winning show. Everything about it is brilliant - from the costumes to the effects and music! We enjoyed every bit of it. The only grouse was our seats (ticket price $125) were too far away. For the best view, be prepared to pay for the $185 ticket!

Prior to the show, we had a bite at Korean burger chain, Kraze Burgers, at Marina Bay Sands. It was our first time eating at Kraze. Our friends, who frequent this chain in Korea, claim that the quality of food is far better in Korea.

They're famous for their burgers. The bun is baked in-house and the patty is made using the finest Australian whole chuck roll. It doesn't matter to me as I don't fancy beef.

We had the Chili fries, a mouth watering Texas Chili, blend of cheese and chopped onions over Crinkle cut Fries.

We shared a cajun chicken salad.

I ordered a club sandwich - grilled chicken, fried egg, bacon and greens between wholewheat bread, while the rest of my friends had a burger each.

After the musical, we stopped at Darcis for coffee. The owner Jean-Philippe Darcis, with a string of prestigious awards under his belt, is famous for his chocolate creations and dessert.

He wasn't there that night but he has trained his staff well. Just look at the coffee art!

The macaroons were a little disappointing. They were chewy and tough. We were told they were imported from Belgium. They might taste better if they were baked here.

The decor at Darcis is posh. I love the plush seats and cute wall covering.


Malar said...

Very cozy place indeed!
You always looks radiant in photos! Any secret to share with?

Blur Ting said...

Thank you Malar. No secrets to share. Just make a big smile for the camera!

Blur Ting said...

Hey JY! I hope everything's well over in Japan.